Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Meet-Up of Vermont Doll Lovers, October 2015

Ah, Halloween! Our group's favorite meet-up of the year.  We had seven people in attendance, with a lot more than that in resin.  On with the photos!  (Click on any photo to enlarge.)
Above:  Modern Wizard's Sardonix (a Cerebrus Project Juri 2006 on a modded ShinyDoll Thaasa body) and Elfdoll Kathlen on an Asleep Eidolon mermaid body.  Modern Wizard made her dress and wig.  She also brought her Elfdoll tiny Winky, who must have been hiding when I took the photo.  Where's Winky?
This is her newest hybrid, Thalia, an Immortality of Soul Infernale head on Angelsdoll massive girl body.
Above is DragonGems' Russell, one of her amazing handmade dolls.  I love the new glasses and sneakers she made. Below is her handmade robot Lucy, sporting a pink tutu and a white tiara.  If you look really hard you can just about see the tiara against the white wall.
Eris brought two Hujoo Mini Freya cats, along with a contingent of Monster High Dolls.  To the right of the blue horse we have Mistress Bloodgood, Create a Monster (nude in chair), Bonita Skellington, Porter Geiss (a glow-in-the dark dude), Ava Trotter (centaur) and behind them Gooliope Jellington, a towering 28 inch gal.
She also brought three new Resinsoul dolls.  She made their eyes but didn't get around to making clothes yet, so her son went outside to gather some leaves to tape on for modesty's sake.
Above is 70cm Long boy.  The two girls below are 42cm Mei and 27cm Xu.  What you can't see in the photo is that both girls have shoes, which Eris made.  She is also making their wigs.  A partially completed wig, along with a brief account of how she made it, had several attendees ready to head over to Sally Beauty after the meeting for wig making supplies.
Melface brought a group of dolls including two Alchemic Labo L-Bi, one of them in a color dubbed Monster Skin.  There was also a Dream High Studios Hiro shown with LittleFee Lewi below her normal skin L-Bi, a DollPamm BeBe Po-Yo, a Dollzone Freddy 2 temporarily borrowing a different color body, and a Dollzone Raphael (not pictured).

I thought I had a full photo of the Monster Skin L-Bi, but all I seem to have is part of his leg next to the above Doll Chateau Bella head, which belongs to Shannon.  Bella is in pieces, awaiting restringing.  Photo is washed out, as happens when there is too much black around.

My dolls are, top row left to right: FairyLand FeePle60 Siean boy, FairyLand FeePle60 Moe line Mirwen, and RaccoonDoll Sarah.  Middle row: Dollmore Dollpire Kid Shiloh, AileenDoll Dragon Lapis, Iplehouse Kid Lisa, and FairyLand LittleFee Soso.  In the mini coffin:  FairyLand RealPuki Pupu, Kaka and Soso.  The little red creature next to them is a resin dragon with no moving parts.  I thought he looked like a little devil so of course he was perfect for Halloween.
Here they are in close-up:
We go to Wizard school! (Costumes by DollHeart)
A witch's hat for Sarah.  I made the dress.
Tantrum averted--Melface gave him a biscuit.
I'm hungry!  Will you donate blood?
Kaka, wildcat tamer!
Ooh!  Love spells!
A chip off the old block.

For additional photos, go to ModernWizard's blog:



  1. Nice photos! I especially like Soso Sr. + Soso Jr. :D The colors kinda washed out on some of mine. To see who everyone is, you can check out my post on the VTDL blog:

  2. By the way, the doll that you attributed to Skyler/Melface is actually Shannon's.

    1. Thanks for the updates! My photos wouldn't have been fit to post without PhotoShop to help balance the colors. Even so, some were barely salvageable. Between so much black in the costumes and the horrid fluorescent lights overhead (not to mention stray rays from the windows) it's a photographer's nightmare.