Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dollpire Kid Boy Shiloh - A Halloween Treat

I've been crossing my fingers and holding my breath in the hope that my little vampire boy would arrive in time for next Saturday's Halloween meet-up.  Big sigh of relief!  Shiloh arrived yesterday, six weeks after I ordered him.
In 2009 Dollmore issued a vampire family consisting of two adults (a Dollpire Adam Rachel Hans and a Dollpire Eve Kalmia Lars) and two children (Dollpire Kid Shiloh boy and girl).  Each was a limited edition of 44 dolls.  All of their other vampire dolls have been issued in smaller editions.  Shiloh girl is sold out, otherwise I would have ordered her in preference to her brother.  Far from being disappointed, however, I can see definite story possibilities for Shiloh boy.
Reading his description online--"Included: Shiloh head(make up), assembled Kid body, glass eyes(color random), wig, underwear, box, 2 cushions, warranty"--I was expecting a basic doll, even though he was shown wearing two separate outfits.  Just to be on the safe side, I ordered an outfit in addition to the doll.  Imagine my surprise when I opened his box and discovered the original grave clothes packed inside.  These consist of knee-length black pants and an off-white cotton gauze shirt decorated with ragged ruffles and shredded streamers.  My first impression of the shirt was: What a mess!  I started snipping off loose threads, only to stop as I realized they were intentional.  Oops!  He's supposed to look like the clothes he was buried in are disintegrating.  That look does not carry over to the pants--they are perfectly put together.  No shoes, but then I wasn't expecting any as he is shown barefoot.  I did put him in a pair of black shoes I already had on hand.  I wasn't about to stand him on my dining room table and expect him to stay put.
Shiloh is shorter and looks younger than my other mini-sized boys.  I can use that in my stories by making him a centuries-old vampire who was turned as a child.  His fangs are very tiny.  You don't see them unless you get up close.  His wig hides his cute little bat ears.  The most obvious vampire feature--the one that makes you realize this is not an ordinary little boy--is the long elegant fingernails.  He looks innocent, but take another look.  He's not.
In terms of construction, he is 43.5cm tall, with double-jointed elbows and single-jointed knees.  His hip joints are basic.  This makes his arms much more expressive than his legs.  After experiencing the Judith Girl and Ballet Kid jointing, I'm a little disappointed.  His posing is limited.  Oh well, he's supposed to be dead.  I guess that allows him to be awkwardly disjointed.
Dollmore always includes several gifts with purchases.  This time I was delightfully surprised to find a blond, braided wig that is perfect for my Ballet Kid Zinna.  There was a second pair of red glass eyes--these are sparkly and have no pupil.  Shiloh will wear them to the Halloween meet-up.  There were two hairbands, another pair of sneakers (I got a pair in a different color with an earlier purchase), resin rabbit ears with magnets (from the size I'd say they're for a smaller doll), and lastly, a paper doll (same one as last time).  The pink outfit is the one I purchased.  All in all, a good haul that actually saved me money, as I probably would have bought both the wig and the eyes at some time in the near future.
See you on Halloween!

P.S.  Here is Raissa (Ballet Kid Pirouette Zinna) in the blond wig.  The braid goes all the way around the head.


  1. Oh, he's really cute!! I love his little bat ears and he is such a great size! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks! I am now trying to tuck his wig behind his ears to show them off. So far it's holding. Fingers crossed!