Sunday, September 20, 2015

Raccoon Doll Sarah--an Early Arrival

The mail carrier brought a surprise last week.  I was expecting my FeePle60 boy and sure enough, I recognized the larger box as his.  There was a second, smaller box on top of it.  What on earth?  After signing for both I looked at the label on the smaller box and realized it was my Raccoon Doll Sarah.  I hadn't received a shipping notice.  And yet here she was, only 3 weeks after I ordered her!  I'm embarrassed to admit I pushed the much anticipated FeePle60 out of the way and opened Sarah first.  (I will cover FeePle60 Siean in next week's post.)

Raccoon Doll is a new Korean BJD company started by Sangyoon Choi, who worked for nearly 10 years for another BJD company.  He doesn't identify that company other than to say that his taste in bjds runs to the realism of companies like Iplehouse and Dollshe.  As an Iplehouse collector myself, I see a lot of the Iplehouse aesthetic in Raccoon Dolls.

Sarah with Iplehouse nYID Olivia
The company's first two offerings are 1/4 size (44.5 cm) mini-mature girls Sarah and Lucy.  Each comes with a choice of two face-ups:  a natural look or a 1940's pin-up look.  The body is curvaceous, recalling the shape of Iple's nYID girl body with its small waist, large hips and generous thighs.  There is a choice of small or large breast, and the doll comes with both flat feet and heel feet.  Mobility thighs are standard and lend themselves to graceful seated poses.  Double-jointed elbows and knees also extend posing capabilities.  As with the Iplehouse nYID dolls, the only joint in the torso is under the bust.  At this time there is only one resin color--normal--but Raccoon plans to add tan later on.  He also plans to add male dolls, which makes me happy because Sarah in high heels is taller than my existing male minis.
MiniFee, Narae, Judith Girl, Raccoon Sarah, Iplehouse JID, Model Delf
For my Sarah I chose the small breast, feeling that it might be easier to find clothing to fit her chest.  The tiny waist and large hips/thighs rather limit clothing choices to full skirts and full-skirted dresses. Pants that fit will be harder to find.  At first I ordered the natural makeup but, after agonizing over my decision for a day, I changed my order to the pin-up makeup.  I'm so glad I did, because she is gorgeous!  I'm not a fan of the big red lips that typify Lucy's pin-up look, but Sarah's soft pink lips and feathered eyelashes really spoke to me.
The girls have smaller heads than other dolls this size, 5/6 compared to the usual 6/7 for a mini-mature or 7/8 for an MSD.  I have only one size 5/6 wig in my stash.  The size worked but the hair was stiff and didn't look right.  She can wear size 6/7 if the fit is on the small side.  Luckily I had a few of those on hand so she has something on her head until I can place an order.  Feet are also on the small side.  Currently I have Sarah in Iplehouse JID high heels.  They're loose, even with stockings and felt insoles, but they will have to do until I find something slightly smaller.  I had hoped she would be able to wear Ellowyne Wilde shoes, seeing as they were a little big for FairyLand Chic-line, but they proved to be too small.
A kimono style dress I made a long time ago for SoulDoll Linn
A kimono style "celestial gown" from Dollmore for MSD
I bought one outfit in advance of Sarah's arrival--a perfect fit, as luck would have it.  Comparing measurements, I found that she most resembled the Luts Model Delf girls in size.  She has larger hips, so pants and slim skirts won't work, but full-skirted dresses should fit.  When the Model Delf girls were first introduced, each wore a full-skirted striped dress with puffed sleeves.  One dress had pickups and bows, as well as a full crinoline, and included stockings, a choker with a small cat, and a fabric hairband.  Luts no longer sells the outfit; however, I found it at Sadol in two color variations.  Sarah is wearing the pink with white dots version; the other is the striped version that Luts offered.
Raccoon Doll's first pre-order period ended September 14th.  There is no indication on the website of how many order periods there will be each year.  Perhaps it depends on how many orders Raccoon receives.  I suspect that this is currently a one-person operation, making it necessary to stop taking orders while dolls are made.  Hopefully by the next pre-order period I will have sold an older doll, enabling me to order Lucy.  I'll be getting her with the natural makeup,which I prefer to the big red lips.
LOVE this girl!


  1. She's so pretty! And congrats on finally getting your boy, too! <3

    1. Thanks! Though I hated putting off my boy until next week, he needed painting and restringing so there was no point reviewing him now. I've posted pics on DoA's FeePle60 thread if you want a sneak peek.

  2. It's Christmas all year long at your house! Ps. I LOVE the kitty necklace; nice touch!

    1. Christmas around here depends on two things: whether I've sold an older doll so that I have money, and how long it takes for the company to make the doll. LOL

      The kitty on the necklace is unbelievably small. It's really cute, though.

  3. She is stunning, congrats on getting her! (Although belated, I apologize!). I saw this artist/company when they released, and love their proportions!! She is really stunning, I hope we get to see more of her :3

    1. You'll see more of her, I promise. And I have ordered Raccoon's next release: Natural Mika. I'm guessing she'll be here in early November.