Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dollmore Judith Girl Arasa Blue Zinna

Arasa Blue Zinna was a last-minute substitution for the doll I originally ordered--a Minuet Eve Tara.  I had my eye on Tara from the moment I became aware of Judith Girl dolls, but something about her always put me off.  I think it was the makeup.  Even though she had normal skin, her makeup made her look almost white.  She might as well have had vampire fangs--she gave off that sort of vibe.  At the time I didn't think I wanted a vampire doll.  Finally, after three Zinna sculpts in a row, I made the decision.  There was only one Minuet Eve Tara left (out of an edition of 20).  She might as well be mine.

I placed my order and waited for confirmation.  The Sold Out message appeared under the doll's photo, which I would expect if I got the last one.  But there was no confirmation from Dollmore or PayPal.  Did I get her or not?  The trouble with placing orders on the weekend is that if something goes wrong, you have to wait until Monday to find out what it is.  Dollmore finally e-mailed me to say the doll was sold two days before I placed my order.  Funny that their order system didn't register that fact.  Along with their sincere apology they offered to let me order any other Judith doll, even one that was more expensive, for the same price.  I didn't need to think twice about my choice.  It was the Russian princess, no question.
Arasa Blue Zinna, a limited edition of 10, was actually a love-at-first-sight doll.  The outfit was gorgeous and her makeup more subtle than that on my previous Zinnas.  The only thing that had kept me from ordering her sooner was the sheer volume of her costume.  Bitter Biscuit Zinna's dress was full, but at least it was nipped in at the hem.  Arasa Blue's dress, over dress and veil flared out.  I knew she would take up a lot of space on the doll shelf.  Nevertheless, I made my decision and settled down happily to wait.
She arrived in less than a month, along with a hand-written note from Dollmore and a red felt bag full of goodies--Dollmore's "happy shopping bag".  To make up for their system's error, Dollmore sent extra gifts.  They include a paper doll, a pattern for a Lolita dress, two pairs of lens-less glasses, red sneakers, a two-piece white dress, an animal print slip, a rabbit ear hair clip, a tiny angel on a chain, a Pullip doll pin, an adjustable ring (I'm not sure if this is for human or doll use--I'm using it as a doll bracelet), a tiny two-sided gold mirror, and a magic eraser.

What can I say?  She's gorgeous, awesome, stunning...I'm so glad I chose her.  The outer dress is blue until the light hits it a certain way and then it shimmers pink.  The lace is delicate and lovely.  The majestic headdress adds another 2 and 1/2 inches to her height.  The only negative is the tightness of her sleeves.  If ever an outfit needed cuffs that button, snap, lace or tie shut, this is it.  Judith dolls are sculpted with all five fingers on one hand spread out.  While the individual fingers are lovely, they make the hand weaker than one where some fingers--or parts of fingers--are fused together.  It was hard enough getting that hand through the sleeve's upper band; there was no way it was going to fit through the cuff.  I didn't want to force it in case I broke off a finger.  Nor could I unhook the hand (the stringing is too tight) to dress her, so I had to cut the seam.  Right now, all that is holding the cuff together is the serging, which I was able to leave in place.  If I cut the serging and bind off the edges, I can then sew ribbons to the edges and tie the cuffs on.  Obviously I will need to finish both cuffs to match.  It's a small price to pay for ease in dressing without the fear of broken fingers.
Arasa Blue Zinna, who will go by the name Zora, has inspired a whole new story line.  I can't start it yet, however, as I am putting together props and waiting for another character.  Or maybe two--when I have money again.  Does this mean that I have abandoned my time travel story?  Not at all.  The two will intersect in a surprising way.  I can hardly wait!


  1. Aww, Zora is so pretty!! And Dollmore sent you so many goodies--what fun! I should start paying more attention to their releases--they always have little things I want but I forget to look at the dolls. I'm having fun looking at them at your house ;D

  2. Thanks! For years I didn't look at the dolls either. Now that I do I can't stop buying!

  3. She is so stunning!!!! The dress is amazing and so detailed. How big is she?
    I didn't knew they had separated fingers, but I'm happy you could solve the issue of the cuff not fitting properly.

    1. Thank you. The Judith girls are 44.5 cm (17 1/2 inches).
      I just noticed on Dollmore's site that they tie the long lace pieces under her chin to keep her headdress on. I secured mine with straight pins and let the lace hang.