Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble - FeePle60 Boy Siean Is Here

Sheehan arrived last week and was shunted aside so that I could focus on Raccoon Doll Sarah, but that doesn't mean he is any less loved.  I waited a long time for this guy.  Not that it took FairyLand longer than usual to deliver, only that it took so long for them to make this size available again.  Let's face it, anything bigger than MiniFee doesn't seem to get the love and attention FairyLand lavishes on its smaller dolls.  I don't remember the last time FeePle60s (F60) were offered.  They have offered the FeePle60 Moe line (FM60) a few times, but Moe girls are actually 54cm tall, not 60.  There is no male body in the FM60 line.  When the F60s finally opened to orders, I jumped at the chance.  Good thing I did, because FairyLand took them off the table again shortly thereafter.
Not my best face-up effort.  He looks grumpy.
Despite the gradual shift of my collecting focus to smaller dolls, I still wanted an F60 boy to partner my FM60 Mirwen.  Buying A la Carte meant I could choose the head I wanted from all available sculpts in that line, male and female.  Siean is one of those sculpts that can go either way.  My FeePle65 (F65) Siean looks undeniably feminine, while my former MiniFee Siean elf had a tendency to look boyish, even though I painted her as a girl.  I dithered for a while, because I also like the El sculpt, but finally opted for Siean.  Knowing that FairyLand's boy makeups make them look more like girls, I ordered him blank.
Face-up #2 is a keeper.

I attacked his face-up almost as soon as I finished taking Sarah's photos.  No time like the present, especially when the weather is perfect.  Unfortunately, my first attempt was seriously less than perfect.  I had used a lot of shading, trying to make him look more masculine.  Somehow it didn't work.  The eyebrows looked a mess and the eyelashes started too far from the rims of the eyes.  I wiped everything off and started over.  The second face-up was measurably better.  He looks like a boy, even though I kept everything light.   You've heard the saying:  Less is more.  It's true.
Repainted but not yet restrung. I Photoshopped his stand out of the photo.
Though I rarely have problems with FairyLand's stringing, Sheehan gave me trouble from the start.  He had a marked tendency to jackknife, bending over at the waist until his forehead nearly touched the floor.  He wouldn't sit.  I wondered if he would end up like his F65 sister, who has never condescended to sit for me, even though I tried every trick in the book to get her limbs into position.  I can live with a doll that refuses to sit, but the jackknifing made him dangerous, both to himself and to any doll standing near him.  It was looking more and more like I would have to restring him.
You like me as a blonde?
It took me a full afternoon, followed by an hour or so the next morning, but I finally put him together.  Most of that time was spent tugging on his original elastic, trying to get it past the end of his leg so I could hook the foot.  I tried and tried and tried again, until my hands were raw and shaking.  I figured I could either throw a tantrum (which would get me nowhere) or else go find a longer piece of elastic.  I opted for a longer piece of elastic.  The following morning I strung him together.  Afterwards I dressed him and stood him on the dining room table.  He didn't require a stand but just stood there like a soldier, solid and at ease.  Whew!  What an ordeal.
I can sit, too.

Some people might turn against a doll that gave them so much grief.  Oddly enough, I have bonded more completely with him than I do with dolls that behave beautifully right out of the box.  We understand each other, he and I.  I feel as if I have earned his respect.  He has certainly earned mine.
Deep in thought
Sheehan and Mirwen will attend the Vermont Doll Lovers Halloween meet-up dressed as students in a Hogwarts style school for wizards and witches.  My three RealPuki (below) will accompany them dressed as house elves.  It should be fun.
Soso and friends

By ordering during a FairyLand event, I qualified for a gift.  In my price category I had a choice of either a LittleFee Soso or Pupu faceplate.  I have both in RealPuki size.  How would they look as LittleFee?  I chose Soso, because who doesn't love Soso?  Right?  After painting Sheehan, I did Soso's face-up and put the faceplate on Shiwoo's body.  RealPuki Soso always makes me laugh.  You know what?  LittleFee Soso does too. 


  1. He looks great! It sounds like his elastic was too short from the get-go, and now look, he sits! I wonder if Seian is just plain strung incorrectly? I was able to get mine to sit, though I recall doing a lot of twiddling with hip plates.
    That Soso is just so darn cute :D

    1. Siean might have been strung incorrectly but, with no other FeePle to compare with her at the time, I would have restrung her in the same way. She has now loosened up and needs restringing. As soon as I get more elastic in that size I'll give her a go.
      Soso is so cute I'm afraid he is going to request his own body. Then I'll be in hock to FairyLand again. It's a never-ending cycle. LOL

  2. You really are an amazing artist.

    1. Aw shucks, 'twas nothing. Thank you much, Julie!

  3. LittleFee Soso is pretty dang cute!!

    1. Thanks! He can't wait until the Halloween meet-up. Something tells me he's going to be a handful.