Sunday, August 30, 2015

What to Do When You're Waiting for a Delivery

My latest Dollmore Judith Girl is in transit.  She shipped late Thursday afternoon, flew via Asiana Airlines (OZ) and arrived in New York late Saturday afternoon.  The USPS website has not updated since, but I suspect tomorrow morning will show her at either my local Post Office or the local international depot. So, most likely a Monday delivery but not absolutely certain.  I toyed with the idea of postponing my blog post until tomorrow.  Then again, on the off chance that the doll might be delayed until Tuesday, I am posting today.

Oksana and Raissa are cool with waiting.  Both have their default outfits from Dollmore.  Alida (or Anise--I haven't decided which name will stick) has to wear whatever I sew for her, because I sold her default outfit.  I made her a new dress for the last meet-up.  Is she satisfied?  No.  The petulant little thing looked me in the eye and demanded I create something else.  Nothing froufrou.  If she sees a single frill or piece of lace trim, she'll tear it off, she says.
She looked apoplectic when she saw the patterns I pulled.  No.  No.  Definitely No.  It won't look like that, I promised.  You'll see.
The fabrics appeased her somewhat.  A floral knit and two colors of cotton gauze.  Not too floral? I asked her.  It's tolerable, she said.  (I think she's yanking my chain.)

I've had the Dressing Up pattern (Designs by Jude) for a long time.  I bought it when I had a Tonner 17-inch Hermione Granger.  The doll is now gone but I never used the pattern.  Would it would fit a Judith Girl?  I didn't have Hermione's measurements, so just to be on the safe side I made the top in a knit fabric, even though it calls for cotton or blends.  This way, if it ran small I might still be able to use it.  Well it ran big, so much so that I had to take in the sides.  It's still loose.  I wonder if patterns for Tonner fashion dolls would work better?  I have one that I used for a Rosette School of Dolls girl.  I'll try it next time.  If it's a closer fit I'll know which size to buy.  I wish I still had the outfit, but I included it with the doll when I sold her.  That reminds me--I made a muslin of the blouse to see how it would fit the Rosette.  I wonder if I still have it?  Found it.  Sleeve openings and cuffs are too narrow for her wider hand.
Top tucked in
The Marzipan pattern (Gracefaerie Designs) appeared in the August 2010 issue of Haute Doll.  It was designed for 43cm Planetdoll girls.  I've made this one before so we were able to try it on for size.  The top needs major alterations but the skirt fit, so I decided to make only the skirt.  Minus the frills.  Of course.  The skirt has a built-in lining in the form of an underskirt.  I made it from a white batiste, in case the red cotton gauze is not colorfast.  The underskirt has a ruffle, which I made from cotton gauze.  In order to make the skirt appear more casual, I frayed the bottoms of the skirt and ruffle instead of hemming them.  It must be working, because so far Missy has not complained.
Nor is she complaining about the dusky rose ribbon flower I added to the top.  I had to put something there--the gap was a bit wide.  If I can size the top down sufficiently (or buy it in a smaller size), I'd like to make it again in a single color to pair with other separates.
Top untucked
Alida is going to feel seriously underdressed when her latest sister arrives, because the new one comes with a voluminous costume.  Well, she wanted plain; plain is what she got.  She can't say I didn't warn her.

Blogger's image link is not working.  I'm going to publish this without photos for the time being and try to add them later. -- Had to resort to Internet Explorer. Blogger warned me it was unsupported and I might experience problems.  Worked fine.


  1. That's a really cute outfit all around! Miss Zinnia knows her style, I think! And wouldn't it be awesome if she could wear Tonner tops? They have a million different articles of clothing over there in Tonner-land. :D

  2. I think she might fit into Tonner short-sleeve or sleeveless knit tops if I sew them myself, because I'll have to widen the armhole. The problem I'm having is that one of her hands has splayed fingers. It doesn't want to go through anything.

  3. Here's a site with Tonner sizes, great for checkingwhat may fit and what won't. (Found it when I was trying to find out if my JID-sized doll will fit any Tonner patterns that I have)
    She looks lovely in that outfit, and the colors suit her. That top looks so lovely I'm tempted to sew it for my doll ;)

    1. That's a GREAT resource! Thank you! The Hermione pattern should fit JID. I would try it on one of mine except I already cut away some fabric from the side seams.

  4. Your doll is adorable but I just can't get over all of the tiny props you have! You have so much cool stuff to go with your dolls.

    1. A couple of those props came with the shelving unit. The rest I collected separately, mostly on ebay. The pile of books on the top shelf is actually a Christmas ornament. Heavy as all get out! It would seriously pull down any tree branch.