Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vermont Doll Lovers Meeting August 8, 2015

As another doll meet-up passes into the record books, may I present the round-up of dolls:

There were six of us this time:  Lyrajean, Nerdy Victorian, Modern Wizard, new member Eris, Melface, and myself.

Nerdy Victorian's two lovely ladies, Volks SD Kira on the left and Maskcat Ronia on the right, enjoyed some quiet time on the Adirondack chairs that NV painted.  So summery! 

Lyrajean's cast of cats has increased.  Joining Hujoo Freya (in kimono) is her newly painted and dressed Spiritdoll Bastet with a litter of Sylvanian Family kittens.  They are joined by a Spiritdoll Bastet (here seen awaiting his eyes) who arrived just before the meeting.

Her contingent of small dolls included Customhouse Ai Yuriel and Sariel, Volks YoSD Kira and Xagadoll Sylvia.  Hanging out with them was Alchemic Labo U-noa Sist.
Here are L's Volks Chiyo (startled to find herself seated on a chair that turns and plays music), followed by Volks Data Masamune (showing off a new face-up), Volks Dollfie World Cup 1 head on a Volks body (in a  fetching buttoned-up hat), and finally 1:2 scale Spiritdoll Camellia (wearing pale green and holding a matching kitty).
Eris brought a group of project dolls, which is to say she has plans to paint, wig and clothe them all.  They include a Best Friends Club 18" doll (the larger doll in the rear of the photo), a Hujoo Mini Freya, a Hujoo Wings Girl, and an Obitsu 25cm soft bust doll with cute fairy head, along with a couple of blank heads.  Someone asked me about BFC Ink dolls earlier this year but I had to plead ignorance because I had never seen one before.  Now that I have, I think she has a wonderful face!  She does look like she might be able to wear American Girl clothing, but without looking up measurements for both dolls I can't say for sure.  I look forward to seeing how this group looks when Eris is finished.
Modern Wizard brought along two dolls who are somewhat long-in-the-tooth:  Araminthe (a B&G Dolls Burrysa Snarling) and Yamarrah (an Iplehouse Addiction Doria fantasy head on Domuya Flexi body with a Mirodoll bust piece and Soom Monthly Doll Topaz hands).  Loving Araminthe's new hot pink wig.  Hope you two ladies come back for Halloween!
Melface brought a room diorama with her SoulDoll Cubarem, who also has a new outfit from Dollmore.
Hanging out and observing the proceedings are three boys:  FairyLand MiniFee tan Rin, Alchemic Labo L-Bi, and Dollzone Carter. 
Dream High Studios 25cm Hiro shows off his jointed hands.  He's doing jazz hands at the moment, but he can also hold things and make gestures.  Oops, I seem to have cut off the other member of Melface's team.  The blue shirt sleeve, patterned vest and black pants leg belong to her Soom Faery Legend Kremer.  I'll try to get the face next time.
Finally we come to my contingent.  I decided to bring along three Alchemic Labo U-noa girls this time.  For some reason, when I bring only one it always turns out to be the same girl.  So here are Reese (a Sist painted by me), McKenna (my remaining Lusis--the other has been re-homed) and Chloe (a Sist painted by Kat of Melancholy Kitties).  I made their dresses.
Next I show off my partially repainted Moosehilda (a Doll Chateau Ada).  I wasn't happy with how I painted her antlers the first time so I re-did them.  You'd think I could have taken a better photo.
Finally, I brought my three new Dollmore girls.They are Oksana (a Judith Girl Bitter Biscuit Zinna, in a dress that looks like multicolored whipped cream), Raissa (a Ballerina Kid Pirouette Zinna) and Alida (or Anise--I haven't decided which--a Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna).
 Pirouette Zinna (repainted by me):
Bitter Biscuit Zinna:
Maxima Suntan Zinna:

Next meet-up will be the one everybody looks forward to all year long:  the Halloween meet-up!  Time to start working on costumes.


  1. BFC Ink 18" dolls can't wear American Girl clothing, but there is a great selection of sewing patterns tailored specifically for them at (in case you want to pass that along to your meet-up friend!) I actually have both AG and BFC Ink dolls in my own non-resin collection, and have done quite a bit of sewing for both. The BFC dolls are really cute. :)

    1. Thanks for the very useful information! I also hope the person who queried on my blog all those months ago either sees this or has already found that website. No offense to AG collectors, but the BFC is so much cuter. I love her face!

  2. So much to see! I love the variety & you know I love cats too!