Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dollmore Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna (Black)

Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna (to be named Alida) arrived yesterday.  She is a luscious dark tan, easily the darkest doll I own. Seeing as my only other dark resin dolls are Iplehouse Real Skin and Peach Gold, neither of which is really dark, that isn't saying much.  Even so, she is not easy to photograph.  My camera sees dark skin and intense eye makeup and automatically shoots a flash picture, which washes everything out.  Even though it was a sunny day and I had plenty of light in the room, I had to turn on an overhead light to cheat the flash.  The end result is photos that make the doll look lighter than she is.
Maxim Suntan Zinna is produced in two editions, a Black and a Silver, each limited to 10 dolls.  As far as I can tell, the only difference between them is the color of the wig.  I bought the Black edition but also really like the Silver.  Dollmore sells the wigs separately, so I will most likely buy the Silver wig later.  We tried on several wigs yesterday and I find I really like her in lighter hair.  JID Benny has already claimed the black wig.
What I don't like is the default costume.  What is she supposed to be?  Judging by the photos of a rifle-toting Zinna against a desert background on Dollmore's site, the nearest I can guess is desert freedom fighter.  Never mind that the outfit exposes too much skin for a desert climate.  One can only assume that her story takes place in a sci-fi or fantasy alternate world.  Although I photographed the outfit I did not put it on the doll, as I will be listing it for sale on Den of Angels.
That leaves me with the problem of what she will wear.  We tried on Dollmore's Serfe dress, which is the beige tulle dress with corset in which I have already photographed Raissa (Pirouette Zinna).  It's completely see-through, which is not a problem with a pale doll but results in a weird color when worn over dark skin.  Dollmore's gift this time was a Punk style black turtleneck top and matching hat.  I put it together with the jeans that came as part of the Bitter Biscuit gift.  It might work on Raissa's Kid body, but the pieces did not fit the Judith Girl's curves.  Back to the drawing board.
For the photos I put her in a dress and vest that almost fit.  The top of the dress is elastic and the vest quite roomy.  I figured both would accommodate her ample chest.  I didn't notice until halfway through my picture taking that the dress had shifted, revealing more of her than I intended.  Thank goodness for Photoshop!  I had ordered one of Dollmore's Celestial Gowns for her.  Styled like a kimono, it comes in several colors; I chose violet.  Like the Serfe dress it is transparent, but at least the darker color and the fact that the front sections cross over each other make it work.  It will look even better once I figure out how to tie it.  (Too many strings, no instructions.)  Today I need to go through my boxes of doll clothes.  Hopefully something else will fit.  If not, I'll need to sew something in a hurry for Saturday's doll meet-up.
I love how this girl poses.  Her limbs fall naturally into graceful poses without any effort from me.  It would be a struggle to get some of my other dolls into the poses that she assumes so casually.  I have a doll stand for convenience, but mostly I just like to drape her over a piece of furniture.
It's hard to see through the plastic bags, but here is a look at everything that was in her box.  Her default outfit is in the bag on the top left; below it is the bag containing her boots.  At the top of the next column is her black wig; underneath it is the gift top and hat.  Next we have two postcards, a sticker, two key chains, a pair of acrylic eyes, and a necklace.  I don't actually see the necklace in the photo, but it's there in between the key chains and the eyes.  On the right we have white high heels and the violet kimono, both of which I ordered at the same time as the doll.  The doll, still in her bubble wrap, lies mostly out of the photo at the bottom.
The doll was wrapped with great care in both bubble wrap and thin foam sheets.  Her expressive hands were given extra protection:  a small roll of thin foam placed inside the curve of the fingers.  All of the extras were layered between the doll and the outer pillows.  All in all, an excellent job of packing.


  1. She's a great-looking doll - congrats on adding her to your collection!

  2. Thank you. I can't believe I've bought 3 Zinnas in a row. Chalk it up to a doll line with no basic dolls, only limited editions, each doll with a different face-up and costume. And yes, I have ordered a fourth. But--it's absolutely the last one! Yeah, we'll see about that. LOL