Sunday, August 16, 2015

DollHeart School of Magic, Part 1

I have a FairyLand FeePle60 Boy on order.  It's been just about two months now; however, judging by the length of the waiting list on Den of Angels, I'm not going to see my boy anytime soon.  This has me worried.  I desperately want him here for the Vermont Doll Lovers' Halloween meet-up in early to mid-October.  I'm counting on having him here.  If he doesn't show up on time, I'll be taking only half my School of Magic dolls to the meet-up:  FeePle60 Moe-line Mirwen.
Their outfits arrived yesterday, ordered directly from DollHeart in Hong Kong.  Buying them was a gamble.  They're not made for FairyLand dolls, so how would they fit?  I spent some time comparing measurements.  FairyLand's measurements for FeePle60 girls were roughly comparable with DollHeart's measurements for SD10/13 girls; FeePle60 and SD13 boy measurements were almost exactly the same.  I ordered the SD sizes feeling confident that everything would fit.
This was my first time ordering DollHeart clothing.  I must say the quality (not to mention the quantity) more than justifies the price.  School of Magic Kylie is the SD10/13 girl outfit.  When you consider how many pieces there are to the ensemble, you wonder why the cost isn't higher.  You have a white blouse, a red tie, a gray ruffled skirt, striped stockings, a gray sweater, a black coat, a feather corsage, a black witch's hat, a black hooded cloak, and finally a striped scarf.  Although there is no copyright-infringing insignia anywhere on the outfit and the pattern of stripes is different, the color scheme will trigger a happy response in any Harry Potter fan.  Gryffindor!  That's the only color scheme they sell, by the way, so if you dream of dressing a doll to represent each of the four Hogwarts houses, you'll have to make some modifications.
I must admit I sweated bullets trying to find a pair of shoes that not only fit with the stockings but wouldn't clash with the colors.  The shoes that fit with normal stockings were too tight with the heavier weight uniform socks.  We tried on some Iplehouse shoes that were too big even with the stockings.  Finally I remembered the maroon shoes from Soom that I bought for FeePle65 Siean before I discovered that she could wear Iplehouse women's shoes.  They are a perfect fit over the stockings.  (I'm sorry to report that these shoes are no longer available on Soom's site.)
So how does the outfit fit?  Overall, quite well.  The blouse collar is too big, but this can be camouflaged with a long wig.  I struggled to get the coat on.  In future I'll have to remember to fit the coat over the blouse and then put on the blouse-and-coat combination.  Otherwise it's hard to get the blouse sleeves through the fully-lined coat sleeves.  Thank goodness the FeePles have magnetic hands.  Take them off first and it's so much easier to dress the doll.
I opened the boy's outfit, School of Magic Nathaniel, but seeing as I don't have a boy that size to try it on yet, Part 2 of this post will have to wait.
Meanwhile, I sit and ponder:  Is it DollHeart or DollHearts?  Both names appear on their website.  DollHearts appears in their logo, but wherever they show the name in text it's DollHeart.  Guess I'll stick with DollHeart for now.  My little witch doesn't care either way--she's happy with her new outfit and looking forward to meeting her male counterpart.


  1. I love the outfits as well. It is nice to hear that they are of really good quality & that the price is justified.

    1. I was thrilled with the quality. The first time you buy from a company you're never sure how things will turn out. I hadn't seen their clothing on other people's dolls, either. So, big gamble but it worked out well.

  2. Man that is the cutest thing--Mirwen looks so perfect in it--I especially love the stockings and the fact the shoes match perfectly! I hope your boy comes in time--there is still a month to go so maybe he will be sent soon!

    1. Thanks! Have a look at the FairyLand Waiting Room next time you're on DoA. (The list is on the Wiki--there's a link on the first page of the WR.) There are dozens of people ahead of me, and that's just DoA members who happened to list their order in the waiting room. I can't imagine how many other orders there are from people who don't belong to DoA. Plus I ordered through DDE, who always seem to get their dolls after the direct orders are filled.

      My colors came out goofy. Those stockings look brown and gold instead of maroon and yellow. Next time I'll take the maps off my backdrop. I think they're messing with my light meter.

  3. Just discovered your blog and wanted to say what a lovely outfit this is! I'm not a HP fan, in fact I've never even seen one of the films or read any of the books but would still like this outfit!
    I hope the boy you've ordered comes home in time for your meet up.....and look forward to seeing him trying out his uniform when he gets there.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain

    1. Thanks Sharon. I think I've seen you on DoA--I recognize the signature. Welcome to my blog!

      I love the HP series, but I definitely like the earlier volumes the best. It gets awfully dark later on. The school parts are mostly fun, however, and that's what I like about this outfit. It's fun (even if it is a school uniform).