Sunday, August 23, 2015

Challenge Accepted – Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

I caught up with my friend Julie’s blog yesterday, only to discover that she had issued me a post challenge.  Well, how could I say no?  Without Julie, As the Resin World Turns might not have happened.  She had recently started her own blog, Under the Chocolate Milky Way, and because I had been toying with the idea of writing a blog but didn’t know how or where to start, I asked for her help.  The result has been chugging merrily along here for five years now.  Thanks, Julie!

1.  How did you decide on your blog name?

I borrowed the name of my mother’s favorite TV soap opera, “As the World Turns” and tossed in the word Resin because BJDs are made of resin.  So it became a soap opera about BJDs.  Of course it’s not a real soap opera because I don’t write one ongoing story with the dolls as actors.  Over the years I have featured several short stories, but most of the time I write about new dolls, my misadventures in sewing outfits for them, my local doll club meetings, my doll photos, and whatever other BJD-related topic strikes my fancy.

2.  What tip would you offer new bloggers?

      Don’t be afraid of what people will say or whether anyone will read what you write.  Just sit down and Do It!  The longer you write your blog, the better you will become at it.  Readers will find you.  Count on it.

3.  What was your dream job growing up?

I wanted to be an architect, until I discovered how much math and physics was involved.  Then I decided I’d be happier making art.

4.  What would you love to get paid to do now?

Play with dolls, of course.

5.  What is your favorite season?

That’s easy.  Fall.  I love when the hills and valleys explode with brightly colored leaves.  I love the cool, crisp autumn days, even though they foretell the coming icy cold of winter.

6.  What is your favorite summer outfit?

Shorts, a tee-shirt and sandals are my go-to for hot weather.  Nothing fancy.  I’m no fashionista.

7.  What is your favorite summer cocktail?

I’m not a cocktail person.  I’m more likely to reach for a glass of un vin blanc or un vin rosé.  (That's white or rosé wine for my non-French friends.)

     8.  What is your favorite summer memory?

Every summer my family would pack up the car and drive to Canada for two weeks to visit my mother’s relatives in Quebec.  As the only family members from Les Etats (The States), which conferred a distinction akin to Royalty, we were feted by all the aunts and uncles and cousins.  Everyone wanted to visit with us and host us for dinner.  When I got older I loved walking around the old part of Quebec City, taking photos.  There aren’t many walled cities in North America.  It was almost like being in Europe.

9.  Who would play you in a movie about your life?

      I think my life story should be a computer animated feature film with the animators given free reign to indulge their imaginations in drawing me.  As for the voice, I wouldn’t mind Meryl Streep.

10.  What is your favorite tip for balancing the in-betweens in your life?

      Take a deep breath and hang in there, because when God closes a door He opens a window.  Things will work out.

And, because this is a doll blog, here are some gratuitous FairyLand doll photos:
Dolls, top to bottom:  FeePle65 Siean, LittleFee and MiniFee Lishe, FeePle60Moe Mirwen, RealPukis Pupu, Soso and Kaka.

Now, to whom shall I pass along the challenge?  You know what?  I’m leaving it open-ended.  Any other female bloggers out there who want to pick it up and run with it—it’s all yours.  Have fun!

If you accept this challenge, simply copy the questions to your blog and answer them.  Voila!  Nothing easier.


  1. Loved reading this tag!! And your dolls are really cute, I specially loved the last one, with all the RealPukis! So cute!

  2. Thank you! I thought my readers might enjoy learning a little about the person behind the blog.

    I love the RealPukis, too. You know, they haven't come down out of that tree since I bought it for them. They'll have to if they want to go to the Halloween meet-up.

  3. I remember reading your blog a few years back (the design has changed since then, right?), so finding it again and being able to read your tag was so great. <3

    1. Hi Jordan Sky! I think I've changed the design several times over the years, LOL. I get bored with the look so I change it, but I'm always here. I try to post a new entry every Sunday.