Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Couple of Repaints

I'm taking a few weeks off from my time travel story because of doll arrivals and the next meeting of the Vermont Doll Lovers Club.  Last week I introduced my first two Dollmore Judith Girls (actually one Judith and one Ballerina Kid; however, the Kid has the Zinna head--which is usually associated with Judith Girls--so in my mind they are both Judiths).  This past week Dollmore shipped my third doll, the Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna.  (Already?  I expected to wait another two weeks at least.)  She entered the USPS computer system in New York yesterday afternoon.  Although tracking estimates a Wednesday delivery, judging by past arrivals she'll be here Tuesday at the latest.  That means I'll be taking three new dolls to Saturday's meet-up.

Thinking ahead to the meet-up I decided to repaint Pirouette Zinna now rather than later.  That green and yellow eye makeup had to go.  Unfortunately, so did the rest of it.  I know from experience that it's impossible for me to remove only part of a face-up.  I end up with a telltale line where the repair begins and ends.  So it all came off.  I'm pleased with the result, which is softer and younger looking than the original.  Seeing as I want Raissa (Pirouette) to be Oksana's younger sister, this was essential.   My photo doesn't show the violet and silver color scheme to advantage.  The violet is there, but understated.

Pirouette Zinna -- before
Pirouette Zinna -- after
I'll need to reposition the eyelashes.  Despite an upwards curl, they hang down over her eyes.  Her eyes are half-closed as it is, so I don't want to obscure them even more.  The lashes will need to be affixed to the outside edge of her eyelids instead of just inside and under the lids.  That means I'll have to switch back to regular Aleene's Tacky Glue, because the Clear Gel version takes longer to dry.  I don't want to hold the eyelashes in place for as long as it takes for the glue to set.  Thank goodness the regular glue dries clear, even though it starts out white.

While I was at it, I decided Moosehilda's (Doll Chateau Ada) antlers could use a new look.  Originally I colored them yellow shading to brown nearest the head.  A few months ago I added small sakura blossoms front and back.  It was a good idea that suffered from poor execution.  She kept looking at me as if to say, "You're sending me out into the world looking like this?"  So I changed my color scheme to blue with a bit of violet and green swirled into the color, plus white dots with a couple of gemstones added for fun.  "Yes!" said Moosehilda.  "Now some new clothes, please."
Moosehilda with sakura blossoms
Moosehilda with blue antlers (before gemstones)

It took me a while to design a panty that would cover her cute little butt while accommodating four legs.  After a few false starts I decided to fit the panty to her butt and two rear legs only.  Her top/dress covers the front.  I added leg warmers to all four legs, not that she needs the warmth this time of year.  Her antlers are so showy that she really doesn't need a wig.  And done!  I think this is the cutest she has looked since I got her.  Best of all, she thinks so, too.  (And yes, the uneven placement of the gemstones was intentional.)
Moosehilda -- all done

Moosehilda -- back view
Now to decide whether I go to the meet-up with only four dolls, or add someone else to the mix.  Iplehouse nYID Oscar has a handsome new uniform that he would like to show off, as does nYID Grace.  Both are heavy dolls, but I think I can manage it.  Or maybe F65 Siean in her gorgeous aqua gown.  Or I could round up my three RealPukis and their little dragon friends.  But not Tweazel.  He's too much of a scene stealer, so this time he stays home.  (We'll see how long that resolution lasts...)

I expect to post again this week so I can introduce Maxima Suntan Zinna (Black).  I still can't believe she's almost here.  It seems like only yesterday I ordered her.  Watch this space!

Edited on Monday, August 3rd to add that Maxima Suntan Zinna is out for delivery.  Yay!

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