Sunday, August 30, 2015

What to Do When You're Waiting for a Delivery

My latest Dollmore Judith Girl is in transit.  She shipped late Thursday afternoon, flew via Asiana Airlines (OZ) and arrived in New York late Saturday afternoon.  The USPS website has not updated since, but I suspect tomorrow morning will show her at either my local Post Office or the local international depot. So, most likely a Monday delivery but not absolutely certain.  I toyed with the idea of postponing my blog post until tomorrow.  Then again, on the off chance that the doll might be delayed until Tuesday, I am posting today.

Oksana and Raissa are cool with waiting.  Both have their default outfits from Dollmore.  Alida (or Anise--I haven't decided which name will stick) has to wear whatever I sew for her, because I sold her default outfit.  I made her a new dress for the last meet-up.  Is she satisfied?  No.  The petulant little thing looked me in the eye and demanded I create something else.  Nothing froufrou.  If she sees a single frill or piece of lace trim, she'll tear it off, she says.
She looked apoplectic when she saw the patterns I pulled.  No.  No.  Definitely No.  It won't look like that, I promised.  You'll see.
The fabrics appeased her somewhat.  A floral knit and two colors of cotton gauze.  Not too floral? I asked her.  It's tolerable, she said.  (I think she's yanking my chain.)

I've had the Dressing Up pattern (Designs by Jude) for a long time.  I bought it when I had a Tonner 17-inch Hermione Granger.  The doll is now gone but I never used the pattern.  Would it would fit a Judith Girl?  I didn't have Hermione's measurements, so just to be on the safe side I made the top in a knit fabric, even though it calls for cotton or blends.  This way, if it ran small I might still be able to use it.  Well it ran big, so much so that I had to take in the sides.  It's still loose.  I wonder if patterns for Tonner fashion dolls would work better?  I have one that I used for a Rosette School of Dolls girl.  I'll try it next time.  If it's a closer fit I'll know which size to buy.  I wish I still had the outfit, but I included it with the doll when I sold her.  That reminds me--I made a muslin of the blouse to see how it would fit the Rosette.  I wonder if I still have it?  Found it.  Sleeve openings and cuffs are too narrow for her wider hand.
Top tucked in
The Marzipan pattern (Gracefaerie Designs) appeared in the August 2010 issue of Haute Doll.  It was designed for 43cm Planetdoll girls.  I've made this one before so we were able to try it on for size.  The top needs major alterations but the skirt fit, so I decided to make only the skirt.  Minus the frills.  Of course.  The skirt has a built-in lining in the form of an underskirt.  I made it from a white batiste, in case the red cotton gauze is not colorfast.  The underskirt has a ruffle, which I made from cotton gauze.  In order to make the skirt appear more casual, I frayed the bottoms of the skirt and ruffle instead of hemming them.  It must be working, because so far Missy has not complained.
Nor is she complaining about the dusky rose ribbon flower I added to the top.  I had to put something there--the gap was a bit wide.  If I can size the top down sufficiently (or buy it in a smaller size), I'd like to make it again in a single color to pair with other separates.
Top untucked
Alida is going to feel seriously underdressed when her latest sister arrives, because the new one comes with a voluminous costume.  Well, she wanted plain; plain is what she got.  She can't say I didn't warn her.

Blogger's image link is not working.  I'm going to publish this without photos for the time being and try to add them later. -- Had to resort to Internet Explorer. Blogger warned me it was unsupported and I might experience problems.  Worked fine.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Challenge Accepted – Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

I caught up with my friend Julie’s blog yesterday, only to discover that she had issued me a post challenge.  Well, how could I say no?  Without Julie, As the Resin World Turns might not have happened.  She had recently started her own blog, Under the Chocolate Milky Way, and because I had been toying with the idea of writing a blog but didn’t know how or where to start, I asked for her help.  The result has been chugging merrily along here for five years now.  Thanks, Julie!

1.  How did you decide on your blog name?

I borrowed the name of my mother’s favorite TV soap opera, “As the World Turns” and tossed in the word Resin because BJDs are made of resin.  So it became a soap opera about BJDs.  Of course it’s not a real soap opera because I don’t write one ongoing story with the dolls as actors.  Over the years I have featured several short stories, but most of the time I write about new dolls, my misadventures in sewing outfits for them, my local doll club meetings, my doll photos, and whatever other BJD-related topic strikes my fancy.

2.  What tip would you offer new bloggers?

      Don’t be afraid of what people will say or whether anyone will read what you write.  Just sit down and Do It!  The longer you write your blog, the better you will become at it.  Readers will find you.  Count on it.

3.  What was your dream job growing up?

I wanted to be an architect, until I discovered how much math and physics was involved.  Then I decided I’d be happier making art.

4.  What would you love to get paid to do now?

Play with dolls, of course.

5.  What is your favorite season?

That’s easy.  Fall.  I love when the hills and valleys explode with brightly colored leaves.  I love the cool, crisp autumn days, even though they foretell the coming icy cold of winter.

6.  What is your favorite summer outfit?

Shorts, a tee-shirt and sandals are my go-to for hot weather.  Nothing fancy.  I’m no fashionista.

7.  What is your favorite summer cocktail?

I’m not a cocktail person.  I’m more likely to reach for a glass of un vin blanc or un vin rosé.  (That's white or rosé wine for my non-French friends.)

     8.  What is your favorite summer memory?

Every summer my family would pack up the car and drive to Canada for two weeks to visit my mother’s relatives in Quebec.  As the only family members from Les Etats (The States), which conferred a distinction akin to Royalty, we were feted by all the aunts and uncles and cousins.  Everyone wanted to visit with us and host us for dinner.  When I got older I loved walking around the old part of Quebec City, taking photos.  There aren’t many walled cities in North America.  It was almost like being in Europe.

9.  Who would play you in a movie about your life?

      I think my life story should be a computer animated feature film with the animators given free reign to indulge their imaginations in drawing me.  As for the voice, I wouldn’t mind Meryl Streep.

10.  What is your favorite tip for balancing the in-betweens in your life?

      Take a deep breath and hang in there, because when God closes a door He opens a window.  Things will work out.

And, because this is a doll blog, here are some gratuitous FairyLand doll photos:
Dolls, top to bottom:  FeePle65 Siean, LittleFee and MiniFee Lishe, FeePle60Moe Mirwen, RealPukis Pupu, Soso and Kaka.

Now, to whom shall I pass along the challenge?  You know what?  I’m leaving it open-ended.  Any other female bloggers out there who want to pick it up and run with it—it’s all yours.  Have fun!

If you accept this challenge, simply copy the questions to your blog and answer them.  Voila!  Nothing easier.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

DollHeart School of Magic, Part 1

I have a FairyLand FeePle60 Boy on order.  It's been just about two months now; however, judging by the length of the waiting list on Den of Angels, I'm not going to see my boy anytime soon.  This has me worried.  I desperately want him here for the Vermont Doll Lovers' Halloween meet-up in early to mid-October.  I'm counting on having him here.  If he doesn't show up on time, I'll be taking only half my School of Magic dolls to the meet-up:  FeePle60 Moe-line Mirwen.
Their outfits arrived yesterday, ordered directly from DollHeart in Hong Kong.  Buying them was a gamble.  They're not made for FairyLand dolls, so how would they fit?  I spent some time comparing measurements.  FairyLand's measurements for FeePle60 girls were roughly comparable with DollHeart's measurements for SD10/13 girls; FeePle60 and SD13 boy measurements were almost exactly the same.  I ordered the SD sizes feeling confident that everything would fit.
This was my first time ordering DollHeart clothing.  I must say the quality (not to mention the quantity) more than justifies the price.  School of Magic Kylie is the SD10/13 girl outfit.  When you consider how many pieces there are to the ensemble, you wonder why the cost isn't higher.  You have a white blouse, a red tie, a gray ruffled skirt, striped stockings, a gray sweater, a black coat, a feather corsage, a black witch's hat, a black hooded cloak, and finally a striped scarf.  Although there is no copyright-infringing insignia anywhere on the outfit and the pattern of stripes is different, the color scheme will trigger a happy response in any Harry Potter fan.  Gryffindor!  That's the only color scheme they sell, by the way, so if you dream of dressing a doll to represent each of the four Hogwarts houses, you'll have to make some modifications.
I must admit I sweated bullets trying to find a pair of shoes that not only fit with the stockings but wouldn't clash with the colors.  The shoes that fit with normal stockings were too tight with the heavier weight uniform socks.  We tried on some Iplehouse shoes that were too big even with the stockings.  Finally I remembered the maroon shoes from Soom that I bought for FeePle65 Siean before I discovered that she could wear Iplehouse women's shoes.  They are a perfect fit over the stockings.  (I'm sorry to report that these shoes are no longer available on Soom's site.)
So how does the outfit fit?  Overall, quite well.  The blouse collar is too big, but this can be camouflaged with a long wig.  I struggled to get the coat on.  In future I'll have to remember to fit the coat over the blouse and then put on the blouse-and-coat combination.  Otherwise it's hard to get the blouse sleeves through the fully-lined coat sleeves.  Thank goodness the FeePles have magnetic hands.  Take them off first and it's so much easier to dress the doll.
I opened the boy's outfit, School of Magic Nathaniel, but seeing as I don't have a boy that size to try it on yet, Part 2 of this post will have to wait.
Meanwhile, I sit and ponder:  Is it DollHeart or DollHearts?  Both names appear on their website.  DollHearts appears in their logo, but wherever they show the name in text it's DollHeart.  Guess I'll stick with DollHeart for now.  My little witch doesn't care either way--she's happy with her new outfit and looking forward to meeting her male counterpart.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vermont Doll Lovers Meeting August 8, 2015

As another doll meet-up passes into the record books, may I present the round-up of dolls:

There were six of us this time:  Lyrajean, Nerdy Victorian, Modern Wizard, new member Eris, Melface, and myself.

Nerdy Victorian's two lovely ladies, Volks SD Kira on the left and Maskcat Ronia on the right, enjoyed some quiet time on the Adirondack chairs that NV painted.  So summery! 

Lyrajean's cast of cats has increased.  Joining Hujoo Freya (in kimono) is her newly painted and dressed Spiritdoll Bastet with a litter of Sylvanian Family kittens.  They are joined by a Spiritdoll Bastet (here seen awaiting his eyes) who arrived just before the meeting.

Her contingent of small dolls included Customhouse Ai Yuriel and Sariel, Volks YoSD Kira and Xagadoll Sylvia.  Hanging out with them was Alchemic Labo U-noa Sist.
Here are L's Volks Chiyo (startled to find herself seated on a chair that turns and plays music), followed by Volks Data Masamune (showing off a new face-up), Volks Dollfie World Cup 1 head on a Volks body (in a  fetching buttoned-up hat), and finally 1:2 scale Spiritdoll Camellia (wearing pale green and holding a matching kitty).
Eris brought a group of project dolls, which is to say she has plans to paint, wig and clothe them all.  They include a Best Friends Club 18" doll (the larger doll in the rear of the photo), a Hujoo Mini Freya, a Hujoo Wings Girl, and an Obitsu 25cm soft bust doll with cute fairy head, along with a couple of blank heads.  Someone asked me about BFC Ink dolls earlier this year but I had to plead ignorance because I had never seen one before.  Now that I have, I think she has a wonderful face!  She does look like she might be able to wear American Girl clothing, but without looking up measurements for both dolls I can't say for sure.  I look forward to seeing how this group looks when Eris is finished.
Modern Wizard brought along two dolls who are somewhat long-in-the-tooth:  Araminthe (a B&G Dolls Burrysa Snarling) and Yamarrah (an Iplehouse Addiction Doria fantasy head on Domuya Flexi body with a Mirodoll bust piece and Soom Monthly Doll Topaz hands).  Loving Araminthe's new hot pink wig.  Hope you two ladies come back for Halloween!
Melface brought a room diorama with her SoulDoll Cubarem, who also has a new outfit from Dollmore.
Hanging out and observing the proceedings are three boys:  FairyLand MiniFee tan Rin, Alchemic Labo L-Bi, and Dollzone Carter. 
Dream High Studios 25cm Hiro shows off his jointed hands.  He's doing jazz hands at the moment, but he can also hold things and make gestures.  Oops, I seem to have cut off the other member of Melface's team.  The blue shirt sleeve, patterned vest and black pants leg belong to her Soom Faery Legend Kremer.  I'll try to get the face next time.
Finally we come to my contingent.  I decided to bring along three Alchemic Labo U-noa girls this time.  For some reason, when I bring only one it always turns out to be the same girl.  So here are Reese (a Sist painted by me), McKenna (my remaining Lusis--the other has been re-homed) and Chloe (a Sist painted by Kat of Melancholy Kitties).  I made their dresses.
Next I show off my partially repainted Moosehilda (a Doll Chateau Ada).  I wasn't happy with how I painted her antlers the first time so I re-did them.  You'd think I could have taken a better photo.
Finally, I brought my three new Dollmore girls.They are Oksana (a Judith Girl Bitter Biscuit Zinna, in a dress that looks like multicolored whipped cream), Raissa (a Ballerina Kid Pirouette Zinna) and Alida (or Anise--I haven't decided which--a Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna).
 Pirouette Zinna (repainted by me):
Bitter Biscuit Zinna:
Maxima Suntan Zinna:

Next meet-up will be the one everybody looks forward to all year long:  the Halloween meet-up!  Time to start working on costumes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dollmore Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna (Black)

Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna (to be named Alida) arrived yesterday.  She is a luscious dark tan, easily the darkest doll I own. Seeing as my only other dark resin dolls are Iplehouse Real Skin and Peach Gold, neither of which is really dark, that isn't saying much.  Even so, she is not easy to photograph.  My camera sees dark skin and intense eye makeup and automatically shoots a flash picture, which washes everything out.  Even though it was a sunny day and I had plenty of light in the room, I had to turn on an overhead light to cheat the flash.  The end result is photos that make the doll look lighter than she is.
Maxim Suntan Zinna is produced in two editions, a Black and a Silver, each limited to 10 dolls.  As far as I can tell, the only difference between them is the color of the wig.  I bought the Black edition but also really like the Silver.  Dollmore sells the wigs separately, so I will most likely buy the Silver wig later.  We tried on several wigs yesterday and I find I really like her in lighter hair.  JID Benny has already claimed the black wig.
What I don't like is the default costume.  What is she supposed to be?  Judging by the photos of a rifle-toting Zinna against a desert background on Dollmore's site, the nearest I can guess is desert freedom fighter.  Never mind that the outfit exposes too much skin for a desert climate.  One can only assume that her story takes place in a sci-fi or fantasy alternate world.  Although I photographed the outfit I did not put it on the doll, as I will be listing it for sale on Den of Angels.
That leaves me with the problem of what she will wear.  We tried on Dollmore's Serfe dress, which is the beige tulle dress with corset in which I have already photographed Raissa (Pirouette Zinna).  It's completely see-through, which is not a problem with a pale doll but results in a weird color when worn over dark skin.  Dollmore's gift this time was a Punk style black turtleneck top and matching hat.  I put it together with the jeans that came as part of the Bitter Biscuit gift.  It might work on Raissa's Kid body, but the pieces did not fit the Judith Girl's curves.  Back to the drawing board.
For the photos I put her in a dress and vest that almost fit.  The top of the dress is elastic and the vest quite roomy.  I figured both would accommodate her ample chest.  I didn't notice until halfway through my picture taking that the dress had shifted, revealing more of her than I intended.  Thank goodness for Photoshop!  I had ordered one of Dollmore's Celestial Gowns for her.  Styled like a kimono, it comes in several colors; I chose violet.  Like the Serfe dress it is transparent, but at least the darker color and the fact that the front sections cross over each other make it work.  It will look even better once I figure out how to tie it.  (Too many strings, no instructions.)  Today I need to go through my boxes of doll clothes.  Hopefully something else will fit.  If not, I'll need to sew something in a hurry for Saturday's doll meet-up.
I love how this girl poses.  Her limbs fall naturally into graceful poses without any effort from me.  It would be a struggle to get some of my other dolls into the poses that she assumes so casually.  I have a doll stand for convenience, but mostly I just like to drape her over a piece of furniture.
It's hard to see through the plastic bags, but here is a look at everything that was in her box.  Her default outfit is in the bag on the top left; below it is the bag containing her boots.  At the top of the next column is her black wig; underneath it is the gift top and hat.  Next we have two postcards, a sticker, two key chains, a pair of acrylic eyes, and a necklace.  I don't actually see the necklace in the photo, but it's there in between the key chains and the eyes.  On the right we have white high heels and the violet kimono, both of which I ordered at the same time as the doll.  The doll, still in her bubble wrap, lies mostly out of the photo at the bottom.
The doll was wrapped with great care in both bubble wrap and thin foam sheets.  Her expressive hands were given extra protection:  a small roll of thin foam placed inside the curve of the fingers.  All of the extras were layered between the doll and the outer pillows.  All in all, an excellent job of packing.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Couple of Repaints

I'm taking a few weeks off from my time travel story because of doll arrivals and the next meeting of the Vermont Doll Lovers Club.  Last week I introduced my first two Dollmore Judith Girls (actually one Judith and one Ballerina Kid; however, the Kid has the Zinna head--which is usually associated with Judith Girls--so in my mind they are both Judiths).  This past week Dollmore shipped my third doll, the Judith Girl Maxima Suntan Zinna.  (Already?  I expected to wait another two weeks at least.)  She entered the USPS computer system in New York yesterday afternoon.  Although tracking estimates a Wednesday delivery, judging by past arrivals she'll be here Tuesday at the latest.  That means I'll be taking three new dolls to Saturday's meet-up.

Thinking ahead to the meet-up I decided to repaint Pirouette Zinna now rather than later.  That green and yellow eye makeup had to go.  Unfortunately, so did the rest of it.  I know from experience that it's impossible for me to remove only part of a face-up.  I end up with a telltale line where the repair begins and ends.  So it all came off.  I'm pleased with the result, which is softer and younger looking than the original.  Seeing as I want Raissa (Pirouette) to be Oksana's younger sister, this was essential.   My photo doesn't show the violet and silver color scheme to advantage.  The violet is there, but understated.

Pirouette Zinna -- before
Pirouette Zinna -- after
I'll need to reposition the eyelashes.  Despite an upwards curl, they hang down over her eyes.  Her eyes are half-closed as it is, so I don't want to obscure them even more.  The lashes will need to be affixed to the outside edge of her eyelids instead of just inside and under the lids.  That means I'll have to switch back to regular Aleene's Tacky Glue, because the Clear Gel version takes longer to dry.  I don't want to hold the eyelashes in place for as long as it takes for the glue to set.  Thank goodness the regular glue dries clear, even though it starts out white.

While I was at it, I decided Moosehilda's (Doll Chateau Ada) antlers could use a new look.  Originally I colored them yellow shading to brown nearest the head.  A few months ago I added small sakura blossoms front and back.  It was a good idea that suffered from poor execution.  She kept looking at me as if to say, "You're sending me out into the world looking like this?"  So I changed my color scheme to blue with a bit of violet and green swirled into the color, plus white dots with a couple of gemstones added for fun.  "Yes!" said Moosehilda.  "Now some new clothes, please."
Moosehilda with sakura blossoms
Moosehilda with blue antlers (before gemstones)

It took me a while to design a panty that would cover her cute little butt while accommodating four legs.  After a few false starts I decided to fit the panty to her butt and two rear legs only.  Her top/dress covers the front.  I added leg warmers to all four legs, not that she needs the warmth this time of year.  Her antlers are so showy that she really doesn't need a wig.  And done!  I think this is the cutest she has looked since I got her.  Best of all, she thinks so, too.  (And yes, the uneven placement of the gemstones was intentional.)
Moosehilda -- all done

Moosehilda -- back view
Now to decide whether I go to the meet-up with only four dolls, or add someone else to the mix.  Iplehouse nYID Oscar has a handsome new uniform that he would like to show off, as does nYID Grace.  Both are heavy dolls, but I think I can manage it.  Or maybe F65 Siean in her gorgeous aqua gown.  Or I could round up my three RealPukis and their little dragon friends.  But not Tweazel.  He's too much of a scene stealer, so this time he stays home.  (We'll see how long that resolution lasts...)

I expect to post again this week so I can introduce Maxima Suntan Zinna (Black).  I still can't believe she's almost here.  It seems like only yesterday I ordered her.  Watch this space!

Edited on Monday, August 3rd to add that Maxima Suntan Zinna is out for delivery.  Yay!