Sunday, July 19, 2015

Steaming Through Time - Chapter 7

When we left our story last week, little Daphne had discovered her pet dragon imprisoned in the ship's specimen cage.  She was about to open the door and let Tweazel out.

Daphne:  I'd better not.  Daniel would never forgive me.  But you know what?  You can have my blanket.  It should be more comfortable than straw.

She passes the blanket through the bars of the cage.  Tweazel, who realizes that she is not going to open the door after all, doesn't trust the blanket.  What if it's another trick?
Daphne:  It's okay, Tweazel.  You can make your nest in it.
Tweazel (thinks to himself):  Hmm, smells like small human.  Otherwise it's not so bad.

Meanwhile, Lincoln Green has made another discovery.  This time it's a fellow Time Traveler.
Daniel:  Ned!  My old friend.  Well met.  But how on earth did you get here?  We're marooned, or so I thought.

Ned:  The Brotherhood has been looking for you.  Anytime a ship disappears from their scopes is cause for alarm.  Help me out of this backpack, will you, Lincoln?

Lincoln:  Gladly, sir.  And if I may say so, it's wonderful to see you again.

Ned:  Same here, Lieutenant.
Daniel:  Sit.  Please.  We have much to discuss.  How did you find us?  I was beginning to wonder if we had even docked at a teleportal.  I feared we had simply dropped into the middle of nowhere. 
Ned:  You're close enough to a portal that the Brotherhood would pick up the occasional blip.  They asked for a volunteer to go through the portal and try to find you.  Of course, I made sure they chose me.

Lincoln:  And don't forget, Captain, that I was able to leave the ship and explore the surrounding town.

Daniel:  Aye, but you didn't mention sensing a portal nearby, did you?

Lincoln:  That's because I didn't sense one.

Ned:  So, what appears to be the problem?

Daniel:  Two problems, actually.  One, we have a stowaway.  Two, he has rendered the control panel useless.  I've spent hours trying to reconfigure the panel, so far without any luck.
Ned:  A stowaway?  A saboteur?  Is he at large or have you contained him?

Daniel:  We've just returned from containing him.  Would you like to have a look?

Ned:  Need you ask?
Daniel:  Here he is.  Daphne has named him Tweazel.  She would like to make a pet of him.

Ned:  A blue horned dragon.  Not what came to my mind when you said "stowaway."  Hello, Daphne.

Daniel:  You remember Ned, don't you Daphne?

Daphne:  Hello.  You're not going to take Tweazel away, are you?  He's not a spaceman.

Ned:  Spaceman?

Daphne:  Daniel put him in the spaceman cage, but he's not a spaceman.  He's a baby dragon.

Ned:  I think your brother might have said "specimen" cage, Daphne.  It's a cage for interesting animals that we pick up on our travels.  So we can take them back and study them.

Daniel:  I don't particularly want to study him.  I merely want to get my ship moving again.
Ned:  Well, now that I'm here, let's put our heads together and see if we can sort it out.  I love a good puzzle.

To be continued...

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