Sunday, June 7, 2015

Welcome KID Bambi, Steampunk Style

When Iplehouse recently re-released BID Bono and KID Bambi along with their Carved Heritage dolls, I jumped at the chance to order Bambi. I had chosen little Bono the first time around, even though it just about killed me to pass up Bambi's adorable steampunk outfit.  Having the doll and the outfit available again was all I could ask for.  YES, please!

And now she's here.  Again, super fast production and delivery time from Iplehouse (with a little help from EMS and USPS).  Bambi shipped four weeks after my order date; she left Korea on June 1st and arrived shortly after noon on June 3rd.  I already posted a box opening on Den of Angels.  For those of you not on DoA, here are some of those photos plus a few more.

I'm skipping the unopened box and bubblewrapped contents photos and going right to the doll.  As in:

Cute, even through the plastic face mask.  A little heavy on the cheek blush, but that will be less noticeable once she's dressed and wigged.  They gave her brown eyes, which in my opinion make it look like her eye sockets are empty.  A switch to blue was definitely in order.  But first, a shot of everything that came in the box:
On to the eye change and donning the costume.  I must say, some parts of this outfit were on the flimsy side.  The skirt's elastic waist was uber tight, so much so that one of the decorations on the outside broke as I tried to inch the skirt up.  I stitched down the pieces so you can barely detect the mishap.  Then I noticed that the clock face kept turning inward.  It had been attached backwards.  No problem, I thought, I'll simply open the jump ring and turn the charm around.  Except the jump ring wouldn't open--not even with my (admittedly cheap) jewelry tools. So I twisted the clock to face forward and stitched it down.  Then my girl put a big toe through the fishnet as I pulled up the tights.  Needle and thread to the rescue yet again!  I am happy to report this was the last fix that was required.  Bambi is now dressed.  Here is the outfit:
Here is the dress up close:
How about a look at her sweet little profile?
I don't know if she will keep these eyes.  I didn't have much to choose from in 10mm; in fact, I think this pair came with Model Delf Avalanche, who got a pair of brand new eyes some months ago.  They'll do for now, especially as I will be working her into my steampunk story as one of the time traveling siblings.  She already looks like Bono, even though she is in normal skin resin whereas Bono is in peach gold.  I put all three siblings into similarly colored wigs and took a few photos to test the family resemblance.  First up, Isobel and Daphne (Bambi and Bono) together:
Then both girls with their brother Daniel:
Finally the whole steampunk crew together:
I don't know about the wigs.  The only crew member who's not a blond is the dragon.  And technically he's not a crew member, he's a stowaway.  Lincoln Green (KID Lisa) has misplaced his goggles.  They should turn up soon!  Or could it be the dragon ate them?

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  1. Good call on the eye color. It makes a big difference.