Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vermont Doll Lovers Meet-Up for June 2015, part 2

I brought a mostly Iplehouse crew to the meet-up.  Anyone who has been following my steampunk/time travel story will recognize them.

First up is Iplehouse JID Edwin, who has yet to enter the story but will do so soon.  (That's Lyrajean's Bastet the cat in the lower left hand corner.)
Next we have Iplehouse KID Lisa, dressed as Lincoln Green from the time travel story.  I found her goggles in time for the meet.  The dragon hadn't eaten them, although it appears he is waiting for the chance.  That's his wing in the lower left corner of the photo.
On to the siblings: KID Bambi (Isobel), JID Daniel (Daniel) and BID Bono (Daphne), with Lisa partially out of the photo on the extreme left.
Bono looks cute standing next to the tricycle, but she was unable to sit on it without falling off.
Riding behind big brother Daniel turned out to be the safer alternative.
Uh-oh, Aileen Doll Lapis v.2 (Tweazel) got his claws on the goggles after all.  Luckily he only wanted to wear them, not eat them.

I forgot to bring food to keep Tweazel in line, so Modern Wizard offered him a Coke:
His gratitude (or is it greed?) prompted him to follow her to an interesting box.
Be careful, Tweazel, it looks like a trap!
Poor baby.  He's inside while the Coke is outside.  (I'd love to have a cage like this for when Tweazel needs a time out.  All I have now is a tin box.)
After finding his way out of the cage, Tweazel wandered over to Lyrajean's table where he encountered a cupcake.
Lucky little guy is almost camouflaged by the blue and white pottery.  Maybe he'll get away with it after all.
All mine.
Somebody needs another time out.

Please see previous post for the rest of the photos from yesterday's meet-up.


  1. "Somebody needs another time out." Heh!

    Tweazel: "Noooooooo!"

    I think your dragon had the most photos taken of him at the meetup!

    1. I think so, too. He gets into everything. He's like a RealPuki that way. Can you imagine the havoc if I ever put them together?

  2. OMG Tweazel is such a hoot! What fun! Definitely a RealPuki would be like adding gasoline to the cute fire. ;)

    1. Absolutely. I just love this little guy to pieces. What a shame that he is off topic at DoA, although I could take some photos with my RealPukis and post those. I think I will, but not today because it's pouring rain and I have insufficient light.