Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vermont Doll Lovers Meet-Up for June 2015, part 1

Our doll loving group met yesterday at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction to show off our dolls, discuss dolls, and generally have a dolly good time.  Here is the cast of resin characters:

Lyrajean brought her new Spiritdoll 1/2 scale Camellia (Dolce line), seen here seated with her Volks Dollfie World Cup Head 1 on SD13 girl body.  To say that Camellia is big is an understatement.  She is 75 cm tall (29 1/2 inches) with hips measuring 41 cm in circumference. For reference, a FairyLand MiniFee girl is 41 cm tall.  Lyrajean made both girls' dresses, along with the one Volks Chiyo (below) is wearing.
The unpainted cat doll in the vintage stroller is Bastet, the Christmas event gift from Spiritdoll. Pushing the stroller is Hujoo Freya.
Volks Kira shows off her antique tricycle.
The Custom House Ai girls, Sariel and Yuriel, also try the tricycle for size.
And last but certainly not least, the gorgeous Iplehouse EID Bibiane.

Nerdy Victorian's Dollzone pair, Yan2 and Luke, spend a relaxing afternoon afloat.  Well, it appears that Yan is relaxing; poor Luke is doing all the rowing.  It's hard work getting from one table to the next!

Also in attendance:  Maskcat Ronia and Spiritdoll Stayne.  We usually see them both seated, so we forget what a big guy he is.

Modern Wizard always brings interesting backdrops/sets.  The Coca-Cola Soda-Fountain from Mattel (below) is no exception.  Made for Barbie dolls, it is filled with authentic soda fountain miniature memorabilia and proved popular with several small dolls.  (The big dolls could only look on with envy.)  Here Modern Wizard's Elfdoll Doona Kathlen perches on a stool.
Melface's FairyLand LittleFee Lewi also took time out for a Coke.  Reflected in the mirror is Modern Wizard's Soom Kremer, along with re-rooted and repainted Takara Cy Girl Jun, a lady action figure who divided her time between waitress duty and trying out Lyrajean's tricycle.
Multi-colored Kremer.
Takara Cy Girl Jun on the tricycle.  She seemed to be the best fit, able to sit on the seat and still reach the ground with her feet.

In addition to Lewi, Melface brought her tan FairyLand MiniFee boy Rin, her Dollzone Carter (with a new faceup) and a red haired boy whose sculpt name I don't have at the moment.
Lewi and Rin.
Doll Leaves Royal (with red hair) and Carter (with purple hair).

I'm having trouble loading any more photos, so I will continue in a second post.

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