Sunday, June 28, 2015

Steampunk Outfit for Iplehouse JID Girl

After Iplehouse introduced a Steampunk outfit for JID boys, I eagerly awaited one for the girls, too.  I'm still waiting.  In the meantime I figured that if I want to integrate a JID girl into my time travel story, I'll have to make her outfit myself.  It occurred to me that the white blouse from the flowered jumper set could be steampunked.  I don't remember what the set was called and Iplehouse no longer has it.  It's this one:
Here is the blouse by itself:
I pulled a selection of brown fabrics for a skirt and a wide belt or cummerbund but just couldn't motivate myself to start sewing.  I think it was all that brown.  Two of my three Iplehouse steampunk outfits are brown.  Did I really want one more?  I decided to hold off until after this year's quilt festival.  As I have mentioned in previous years, just because I don't quilt doesn't mean I can pass up having so many fabric vendors under one roof.  It's like a fabric shopping mall!

As hoped for, I came home from the quilt festival with fabric treasure.  Here are the two fabrics I picked out for my skirt and belt:
Due to the lighting in the exhibition hall, I wasn't sure what color the stripes were.  Brown and light tan?  Red and light tan?  Either way, I was looking for stripes that weren't black and white.  The top fabric looks like an old map.  Also, the latitude and longitude lines work out to one inch squares, the same as my cutting board.  How lovely to cut and sew with a grid printed right on the fabric!  I had noticed a more colorful map fabric earlier and passed it by, thinking I would come back if I didn't find anything better.  This one suits my purpose better because the map looks ancient and the color is subtle.  The clockwork charms pictured were already in my stash, as was the dark red ribbon.
The photo above shows the inspiration for the cummerbund.  Some time ago I ordered the steampunk faux leather and gears bracelet thinking it might work as a belt for FM60 Sionna or Mirwen.  It didn't fit them, even after I removed most of the velcro fastening to expose more "leather" (i.e., 100% PVC).  Not that it would have worked anyway, because the paper-thin gears are only glued on; one popped off as I was removing it from the package.  Piece of junk, actually, but I still liked the general idea of it.  After studying its construction, I cut out the pieces from my striped fabric, then started putting it together with a buckle and six tiny gold brads.
Both pieces in process.  The cummerbund ruffle is not yet attached and the belt pieces are only pinned to the backing piece.  The skirt still needs to have the ribbons and waistband sewn on, and the charms attached.
On the left JID Benny shows off the finished set.  KID Bambi's skirt (on the right) was my inspiration for the JID skirt.  Here are some more photos:

The last photo shows the map print a little better.  I positioned the snaps on the skirt to allow the skirt to sit below her waist.  This was meant to allow the cummerbund/belt to fasten without adding bulk at the waistband.  I'm very happy with how this turned out.  On the other hand, I would definitely buy a steampunk outfit for JID girls if Iplehouse should happen to offer one! 


  1. Wow--- that turned out really great! The red looks awesome and makes a nice change of pace from brown, and the whole set fits together so well.

  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed putting it together. I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it half so much if I had stuck with my original brown. LOL

  3. I really like the ruffles; good call.

  4. Good job, it's sweet as candy canes :)