Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Iplehouse EID Aqua Blue Dress on FeePle65 Siean

I'm adding a mid-week post to show off the Medieval inspired gown that arrived on Monday.  The gown is from Iplehouse, who debuted it on SID Stella in the story accompanying Carved Heritage EID Crow.  When Iple released the gown for general purchase a day or two later, they advertised it as being for EID women (all bust sizes) and SID women (glamour and large bust).  I no longer have female dolls in either size, except for one who is boxed and listed for sale; however, clothing made for SID women fits FairyLand FeePle65 ladies.  For me, that means Siean.

I sensed that the first run of this dress would sell out quickly, so I ordered the same day Iple listed it.  By the end of the day it had sold out.  I wasn't expecting it to go that quickly!  For anyone who missed it, I expect Iple will restock as soon as they get more made.  I doubt they were expecting an immediate sell-out, either.

Without further ado, here is Siean:
Not the best photo, I'm afraid, as long shots with her white-blond hair against the navy background tend to confuse my camera.  The close-ups are better.  I wouldn't call the color aqua.  The brocade is a light blue over pale gray, while the side sections and sleeve linings are a solid blue.
Here you can see the pearl accents.  As luck would have it, I remembered an old pearl bracelet of mine that has gold links.  It is short enough to work as a necklace, but I have pinned it into her wig as a hair ornament.
FeePle65s have magnetic hands. Thank goodness I remembered to take them off before dressing her, because her forearms ended up in a no-man's-land between the lower sleeve and its lining.  I eased her arms back into the upper sleeve and groped for the opening into the lower sleeve.  After locating it, I put her arms through what turned out to be a very small opening in the fabric.  I suspect all is not as it should be in there, because the sleeves have a strange pucker at the elbow.  I will investigate when I undress her.
Unlike some period dresses that lace up, this gown zips up the back.  There is a lot of room over the hips, which explains how this can fit EID women with their generous curves.  Also helping with fit is the fact that the brocade has a good deal of stretch.  The solid blue has no stretch but is used in places where no stretch is needed.  I should have photographed her from the rear so you could see the train.  My only excuse is the dress was fresh from the box and rather wrinkled.  Also, I was too eager to see it on her to take the time to iron it.  I will take a few more photos and add them to this post later.

I'm back with more photos, this time of the back of the gown.  After a couple of days most of the wrinkles have eased of their own accord, probably from the weight of the fabric.

A net crinoline under the gown helps support and enhance the volume.  There is definitely room for an additional undergarment to provide structure, even though such a garment might be inconsistent with the 14th Century English look of this gown.


  1. I wondered about EID clothes if they fit Feeple65; now I found this!! Thank you so much :D

    1. I don't know if everything Iple makes for EID will fit, but in this case the dress actually looks better on F65 than on EID or SID.