Sunday, June 28, 2015

Steampunk Outfit for Iplehouse JID Girl

After Iplehouse introduced a Steampunk outfit for JID boys, I eagerly awaited one for the girls, too.  I'm still waiting.  In the meantime I figured that if I want to integrate a JID girl into my time travel story, I'll have to make her outfit myself.  It occurred to me that the white blouse from the flowered jumper set could be steampunked.  I don't remember what the set was called and Iplehouse no longer has it.  It's this one:
Here is the blouse by itself:
I pulled a selection of brown fabrics for a skirt and a wide belt or cummerbund but just couldn't motivate myself to start sewing.  I think it was all that brown.  Two of my three Iplehouse steampunk outfits are brown.  Did I really want one more?  I decided to hold off until after this year's quilt festival.  As I have mentioned in previous years, just because I don't quilt doesn't mean I can pass up having so many fabric vendors under one roof.  It's like a fabric shopping mall!

As hoped for, I came home from the quilt festival with fabric treasure.  Here are the two fabrics I picked out for my skirt and belt:
Due to the lighting in the exhibition hall, I wasn't sure what color the stripes were.  Brown and light tan?  Red and light tan?  Either way, I was looking for stripes that weren't black and white.  The top fabric looks like an old map.  Also, the latitude and longitude lines work out to one inch squares, the same as my cutting board.  How lovely to cut and sew with a grid printed right on the fabric!  I had noticed a more colorful map fabric earlier and passed it by, thinking I would come back if I didn't find anything better.  This one suits my purpose better because the map looks ancient and the color is subtle.  The clockwork charms pictured were already in my stash, as was the dark red ribbon.
The photo above shows the inspiration for the cummerbund.  Some time ago I ordered the steampunk faux leather and gears bracelet thinking it might work as a belt for FM60 Sionna or Mirwen.  It didn't fit them, even after I removed most of the velcro fastening to expose more "leather" (i.e., 100% PVC).  Not that it would have worked anyway, because the paper-thin gears are only glued on; one popped off as I was removing it from the package.  Piece of junk, actually, but I still liked the general idea of it.  After studying its construction, I cut out the pieces from my striped fabric, then started putting it together with a buckle and six tiny gold brads.
Both pieces in process.  The cummerbund ruffle is not yet attached and the belt pieces are only pinned to the backing piece.  The skirt still needs to have the ribbons and waistband sewn on, and the charms attached.
On the left JID Benny shows off the finished set.  KID Bambi's skirt (on the right) was my inspiration for the JID skirt.  Here are some more photos:

The last photo shows the map print a little better.  I positioned the snaps on the skirt to allow the skirt to sit below her waist.  This was meant to allow the cummerbund/belt to fasten without adding bulk at the waistband.  I'm very happy with how this turned out.  On the other hand, I would definitely buy a steampunk outfit for JID girls if Iplehouse should happen to offer one! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Iplehouse EID Aqua Blue Dress on FeePle65 Siean

I'm adding a mid-week post to show off the Medieval inspired gown that arrived on Monday.  The gown is from Iplehouse, who debuted it on SID Stella in the story accompanying Carved Heritage EID Crow.  When Iple released the gown for general purchase a day or two later, they advertised it as being for EID women (all bust sizes) and SID women (glamour and large bust).  I no longer have female dolls in either size, except for one who is boxed and listed for sale; however, clothing made for SID women fits FairyLand FeePle65 ladies.  For me, that means Siean.

I sensed that the first run of this dress would sell out quickly, so I ordered the same day Iple listed it.  By the end of the day it had sold out.  I wasn't expecting it to go that quickly!  For anyone who missed it, I expect Iple will restock as soon as they get more made.  I doubt they were expecting an immediate sell-out, either.

Without further ado, here is Siean:
Not the best photo, I'm afraid, as long shots with her white-blond hair against the navy background tend to confuse my camera.  The close-ups are better.  I wouldn't call the color aqua.  The brocade is a light blue over pale gray, while the side sections and sleeve linings are a solid blue.
Here you can see the pearl accents.  As luck would have it, I remembered an old pearl bracelet of mine that has gold links.  It is short enough to work as a necklace, but I have pinned it into her wig as a hair ornament.
FeePle65s have magnetic hands. Thank goodness I remembered to take them off before dressing her, because her forearms ended up in a no-man's-land between the lower sleeve and its lining.  I eased her arms back into the upper sleeve and groped for the opening into the lower sleeve.  After locating it, I put her arms through what turned out to be a very small opening in the fabric.  I suspect all is not as it should be in there, because the sleeves have a strange pucker at the elbow.  I will investigate when I undress her.
Unlike some period dresses that lace up, this gown zips up the back.  There is a lot of room over the hips, which explains how this can fit EID women with their generous curves.  Also helping with fit is the fact that the brocade has a good deal of stretch.  The solid blue has no stretch but is used in places where no stretch is needed.  I should have photographed her from the rear so you could see the train.  My only excuse is the dress was fresh from the box and rather wrinkled.  Also, I was too eager to see it on her to take the time to iron it.  I will take a few more photos and add them to this post later.

I'm back with more photos, this time of the back of the gown.  After a couple of days most of the wrinkles have eased of their own accord, probably from the weight of the fabric.

A net crinoline under the gown helps support and enhance the volume.  There is definitely room for an additional undergarment to provide structure, even though such a garment might be inconsistent with the 14th Century English look of this gown.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Steaming Through Time - Chapter 4

Daniel breaks for lunch while sorting parts for the control panel.  It's a thankless job and he is far from happy, especially when his stowaway enters the room.
Daniel:  You again. I know for a fact that Daphne fed you, so don't come to me begging for food.  Do you know how much trouble you've caused?  We're in the wrong place at the wrong time and we can't move on--all because of you.

Tweazel can only look at him with imploring eyes.

Daniel:  Is there an alternate universe where you have the ability to speak?  Because I would love to know where you came from.  You must have a mother somewhere.  Brothers?  Sisters?  A home?  Believe me, I would be happy to return you to that place, no matter that Daphne wants to make a pet of you.
Daniel:  Stop looking at me like that.  In fact, why don't you go sit on the bench--out of my way.
Daniel:  Thank you.  G-r-r-r!  You look just like Daphne when she's trying to soften me up.  (He sighs.)  Oh, very well.  You can have my grapes.  But that's all.
Tweazel:  R-o-o-a-a-r!

Daniel:  What?  You don't like grapes?  I don't have any cookies.  Are you thirsty?  All right, take it.  Try not to make a mess.
Daniel:  So much for lunch.  I may as well get back to work and see if I can figure out what you did to my controls.
Daniel:  You wouldn't like to tell me which parts you pulled out of where, would you?
Tweazel:  R-o-o-a-a-r!

Daniel:  I can't tell if you're answering me or simply begging for something else to chew on.
Daniel (muttering):  What I need is a voice translator that can interpret "dragon".  And you had better not be eying what's left of my lunch, Tweazel, because I'm still hungry.  Hungry enough, in fact, to eat a dragon.
Daniel:  I know you're back there, so don't get any ideas.  You hear me?

To be continued...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vermont Doll Lovers Meet-Up for June 2015, part 2

I brought a mostly Iplehouse crew to the meet-up.  Anyone who has been following my steampunk/time travel story will recognize them.

First up is Iplehouse JID Edwin, who has yet to enter the story but will do so soon.  (That's Lyrajean's Bastet the cat in the lower left hand corner.)
Next we have Iplehouse KID Lisa, dressed as Lincoln Green from the time travel story.  I found her goggles in time for the meet.  The dragon hadn't eaten them, although it appears he is waiting for the chance.  That's his wing in the lower left corner of the photo.
On to the siblings: KID Bambi (Isobel), JID Daniel (Daniel) and BID Bono (Daphne), with Lisa partially out of the photo on the extreme left.
Bono looks cute standing next to the tricycle, but she was unable to sit on it without falling off.
Riding behind big brother Daniel turned out to be the safer alternative.
Uh-oh, Aileen Doll Lapis v.2 (Tweazel) got his claws on the goggles after all.  Luckily he only wanted to wear them, not eat them.

I forgot to bring food to keep Tweazel in line, so Modern Wizard offered him a Coke:
His gratitude (or is it greed?) prompted him to follow her to an interesting box.
Be careful, Tweazel, it looks like a trap!
Poor baby.  He's inside while the Coke is outside.  (I'd love to have a cage like this for when Tweazel needs a time out.  All I have now is a tin box.)
After finding his way out of the cage, Tweazel wandered over to Lyrajean's table where he encountered a cupcake.
Lucky little guy is almost camouflaged by the blue and white pottery.  Maybe he'll get away with it after all.
All mine.
Somebody needs another time out.

Please see previous post for the rest of the photos from yesterday's meet-up.

Vermont Doll Lovers Meet-Up for June 2015, part 1

Our doll loving group met yesterday at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction to show off our dolls, discuss dolls, and generally have a dolly good time.  Here is the cast of resin characters:

Lyrajean brought her new Spiritdoll 1/2 scale Camellia (Dolce line), seen here seated with her Volks Dollfie World Cup Head 1 on SD13 girl body.  To say that Camellia is big is an understatement.  She is 75 cm tall (29 1/2 inches) with hips measuring 41 cm in circumference. For reference, a FairyLand MiniFee girl is 41 cm tall.  Lyrajean made both girls' dresses, along with the one Volks Chiyo (below) is wearing.
The unpainted cat doll in the vintage stroller is Bastet, the Christmas event gift from Spiritdoll. Pushing the stroller is Hujoo Freya.
Volks Kira shows off her antique tricycle.
The Custom House Ai girls, Sariel and Yuriel, also try the tricycle for size.
And last but certainly not least, the gorgeous Iplehouse EID Bibiane.

Nerdy Victorian's Dollzone pair, Yan2 and Luke, spend a relaxing afternoon afloat.  Well, it appears that Yan is relaxing; poor Luke is doing all the rowing.  It's hard work getting from one table to the next!

Also in attendance:  Maskcat Ronia and Spiritdoll Stayne.  We usually see them both seated, so we forget what a big guy he is.

Modern Wizard always brings interesting backdrops/sets.  The Coca-Cola Soda-Fountain from Mattel (below) is no exception.  Made for Barbie dolls, it is filled with authentic soda fountain miniature memorabilia and proved popular with several small dolls.  (The big dolls could only look on with envy.)  Here Modern Wizard's Elfdoll Doona Kathlen perches on a stool.
Melface's FairyLand LittleFee Lewi also took time out for a Coke.  Reflected in the mirror is Modern Wizard's Soom Kremer, along with re-rooted and repainted Takara Cy Girl Jun, a lady action figure who divided her time between waitress duty and trying out Lyrajean's tricycle.
Multi-colored Kremer.
Takara Cy Girl Jun on the tricycle.  She seemed to be the best fit, able to sit on the seat and still reach the ground with her feet.

In addition to Lewi, Melface brought her tan FairyLand MiniFee boy Rin, her Dollzone Carter (with a new faceup) and a red haired boy whose sculpt name I don't have at the moment.
Lewi and Rin.
Doll Leaves Royal (with red hair) and Carter (with purple hair).

I'm having trouble loading any more photos, so I will continue in a second post.