Sunday, May 31, 2015

Steaming Through Time - Chapter 3

In the ship's box room, Lincoln Green has discovered something.

Lincoln:  I don't know if those parts came from the crate or from the control panel, but they weren't on the floor the last time I looked.  And the scarf shouldn't be hanging out, either.

Daniel:  Daphne could have been playing in here.  Have you looked in the crate?

Lincoln:  Not yet, sir.  I thought you might like the honor.

They kneel beside the crate and slowly lift the lid.

Lincoln:  Uh-oh!  Do I see what I think I see?

 Daniel:  Daphne!  Come here, please.

Daphne enters.

Daphne:  Oooh, it's a baby dragon!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Daniel!

Daniel:  Do you mean to tell me you didn't know it was here?

Daphne:  If I knew we had a real dragon, I wouldn't have asked to turn Kizzy into one.  Please can we let it out of the crate?
The little dragon is only too happy to climb out of the metal crate.

Daniel:  I need that part he's chewing on.  Go find him something else to eat, please, Daphne.

Daphne (returning with a cookie):  Here you go, little dragon.  Daphne has something sweet for you.

Daniel:  I'm not sure that was the best food choice for him.  If he gets too excited we may not be able to contain him.

Daphne:  But he likes it!  Right, little dragon?

Daphne:  I can't keep calling you "little dragon".  You need a name.  I know!  Tweazel!

Daniel and Lincoln ponder weightier matters.
Lincoln:  I don't understand, sir.  How and when did he come aboard?  We haven't visited the Middle Ages lately.  Where did he come from?

Daniel:  I don't know.  What worries me more is that the ship is not as secure as it should be.  If a small dragon can stow away, we may be open to other unsanctioned visitors.  The Brotherhood won't like that.

Lincoln:  So our shields are down.  You think he's responsible for all our mechanical problems?

Daniel:  If he's been satisfying his hunger by gnawing on parts, I expect so.  At least I know what I have to do.  I only hope he has left us with some usable spare parts.  The question now is what do we do with him?  I can't just show him the door without knowing if a dragon will cause undue commotion in this world.  Besides, Daphne appears to be forming an attachment to him.

Daphne:  Don't worry, Tweazel.  You're my dragon, now.  I won't let them send you away.

To be continued...


  1. How fun is this?! So I have to know, do you have tiny boxes or is it camera trickery??

    1. No camera trickery--most of the small ones are doll shoe boxes. There are a couple of doll hat boxes. The baskets, the tin, etc.--are actual size. I just went around the house collecting every small box I could find. Luckily I tend to save cute little boxes, because you never know when they'll come in handy.