Sunday, May 24, 2015

Steaming Through Time - Chapter 2

It has been so long since our first chapter that many of you will have forgotten how it started.  To recap, time traveler Captain Daniel finds himself a continent and a century off course due to some technical malfunction or navigational miscue.  Lincoln Green, his second-in-command, is working with him to uncover the root of the problem so they can get back on track.  Also aboard the time travel module is Daniel's little sister, Daphne.

While the boys pursue the technical gremlin, little Daphne pursues her own agenda.

Daphne:  Don't worry, Kizzy.  I'm sure I'll find a spell in this book to turn you into a real dragon.  You want to be a real dragon, don't you?

Kizzy is a pretend dragon, so she can do no more than look at her mistress with hopeful eyes.  As this is her only expression, it can mean anything from Please-turn-me-into-a-real-dragon, to Let's-play, to I'm-hungry-please-feed-me, to I-love-you.

 Daphne:  [After paging through the book]  This is bigger than both of us, Kizzy.  We need Daniel's help.

Daphne:  Daniel... Daniel?
Daniel:  What is it, sweetie?

Daphne:  [Climbing up on the chair beside her brother]  I want to turn Kizzy into a real dragon.
Daniel:  I'll be happy to help you, Daphne.  As soon as Lincoln and I find out why the time module is stuck.
Daphne:  How long will that take?
Daniel:  I don't know.  We're working on it.

 Lincoln:  Have you looked at the control panel, sir?
Daniel:  Not yet. [Sighs]  I suppose I should start there.
Lincoln:  That's what I would do. Sir.
Daniel:  Keep poring over the charts while I go look.  There is still the possibility that we misread coordinates.

Daphne:  My dragon...?
Daniel:  She'll have to wait a while.  This is more important.
Daphne:  [Whispers]  My dragon is important...

Daniel:  [At the control panel]  Hmm. It's stopped. Everything seems to be here.  Or is it?

Daniel:  [Shouts to make himself heard in the other room]  Lincoln, look in the box room.  There's a crate with spare mechanical parts.
Lincoln:  [Shouts back]  You looking for any part in particular?
Daniel:  Not yet.  Just see what's there and report back.

A few minutes pass.

Lincoln:  Sir?  I've found something.  You'd better come here.

To be continued...


  1. How exciting! Great control panel.

    1. Thanks! I don't know why I've been hoarding empty spools of thread, but they sure came in handy. LOL. If I had any metallic spray paint I could have turned them into more convincing colors. The spool ends even look like gears.

  2. This is a fun story. I'm lookong forward to seeing what happens with the quest for a real dragon!

    1. You won't have long to wait--I'm posting the next chapter on Sunday, May 31st.