Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Iplehouse Fashions for nYID

I received a clothing order yesterday, always a fun and exciting event.  Clothing orders for in-stock items ship quickly when not tied to a doll order.  I ordered on April 30th, the package shipped the same day and I received it on May 2nd.  I barely had time to track the flight before it arrived.  The box was surprisingly heavy.  Here's what was in it:
The heavy item was the red serapina dress.  Dresses never look big when squished into a cellophane bag.  But release them from the confines of the bag and they go on forever:
By comparison the boys' outfits were lightweight.  The first outfit consists of baggy white pants and a navy/white stripe T-shirt.  I bought a gray knit beanie separately, thinking it would look like a sailor's watch cap.  It's a bit wintery feeling, so I'll keep it for the cold months.  Maybe get a short coat to go with it.
The second boy's outfit is made up of multiple parts.  First, a black two-tone knit sweater; second, black dress pants; third, a white dress shirt; fourth, black shoes; and last, a hunting cap.  I'm wondering if I got one of the last pairs of these shoes.  They were on sale, supposedly until the last item sells out.  Now there is a "coming soon" over the photo in the product list, which usually means waiting to restock. But if the sale items are there until they sell out, why restock them?  Makes no sense to me.  I'm just glad I got them because the fit is good and they are easy to get on and off.
It took me three tries to get the red serapina dress on Grace because I couldn't remember which way the single strap is supposed to go.  I tried it over her right shoulder, then her left shoulder, then back to her right shoulder.  In the end I had to look at the item on Iple's website again to see if I got it right.  The back zipper was killer.  Sometimes it takes four hands to dress one of these dolls: two to hold the piece of clothing closed while the other two tug on the tiny zipper and hold the lower end in place. 
I wondered how the dress would fit.  Any time a clothing item is said to fit two different sizes, it will fit one size better than the other.  This was labeled for SID/nYID.  The photos show it only on SID.  Now that Grace is on the nYID body, how would it look?  The answer is long: long in the torso and long overall.  The dress would fit better on a larger bust.  The strap rode up every time I changed her pose, which I did often during the photo shoot.  I didn't always remember to reposition it.  Still and all, it's a stunning dress and Grace looks quite the femme fatale in it.
On to the boys' outfits:

I originally wanted one of the outfits for Andrew and the other for Chris, because the outfit I wanted for Oscar is marked "coming soon".  Because Chris has had so much camera time lately, I decided to put Oscar in one of the new outfits and let Chris have the Imperial Guard outfit when and if it comes back into stock.  That's Andrew in the sailor set and Oscar in the black.  Here they are individually:
It's unusual to get pants from Iplehouse that are roomy enough for the boys to sit in.  The white pants allow for seating with no need to unfasten the button at the waist.  Andrew was delighted.  Not only could he sit, but there was room to spare.  Oscar could only look on in envy.
Here are some ensemble photos to end:

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