Sunday, May 10, 2015

Forecast: Breezy With a Chance of Dragons

Finally.  FINALLY!  My precious little one has arrived.  The baby flew Air Mail instead of EMS, so the journey took nearly 4 weeks instead of the usual 4 days.  It was logged in at the airport in South Korea on April 9th, showed up at JFK airport in New York on April 27th, and took until May 4th to arrive in my town by way of a meandering path through New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.  By contrast, I received a second doll this week.  It shipped EMS from South Korea on May 6th and was delivered on May 9th.  I won't introduce that one now, as he will get a post of his own later.

Because Aileen Doll dragons are off topic at Den of Angels, I am doing the box opening here.  Other anthro dolls are on topic.  As to why this one isn't, I believe it's because the doll has no knee joints.  That's too bad, because this little dragon is beyond adorable and I would like to share him with everyone.

The package.  You'll notice it says EMS in the bottom left; however, that is printed on the clear plastic envelope, not on the airbill.  The airbill itself is marked Air Mail.

Inside the package, the contents were neatly wrapped in a foam-type wrapping.

The box!  How cute is that?

Baby is bundled in a pillow and more foam wrap.

Say hello to Dragon Lapis version 2.  He came without eyes, but luckily I have large glass eyes that match almost exactly the eyes shown on the website.

And here he is!  He finds his new surroundings somewhat frightening, which is why his mouth is open in a silent scream.  Also so that I can show off how his mouth opens and closes.  It allows for more facial expression than a traditional fixed sculpt can.  I have named him Tweezel.

Tweezel's new friends, Belch and Kizzy, are resin figurines with no mobility whatsoever.  Obviously they stand in awe of Tweezel's poseability. 

Uh-oh.  Do we have a cookie monster on our hands?

Tweezel makes another friend, Moosehilda (a Doll Chateau Ada).

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Time will tell.


  1. Congratulations! Tweezel is so adorable. I've always loved the Aileen dragons amd hope to own one myself someday. What a great addition to your collection!

    1. Thanks! I wouldn't mind getting another one, if only Aileen will promise to ship it EMS instead of Air Mail. This little guy is so lovable I can't resist the urge to cuddle him. LOL

  2. Too cute :). But those two cuddling will probably be as dangerous as kissing with braces ;D

    1. I know, right? Moosehilda needs to watch out for those teeth, because they could easily clamp down on one of her toothpick limbs. Toothless he's not!