Sunday, April 26, 2015

Later, in another part of the birch woods...

(This forest is endless.  At any moment I expect the 
fox to reappear and taunt me.  Hello, what's this?)
Do you need assistance, my lady?
Oh!  Hello.  No, thank you.  It's such a pleasant spot, 
I thought I would rest a while.
(Such a dense, potentially dangerous forest...and yet, 
all I encounter are solitary young women. How very odd!)
Are you not afraid, sitting here all alone?  Wild creatures  
could be observing you from the underbrush as we speak.
So far you are the only creature I have encountered, so no, 
I am not afraid.  I do wonder why you feel it necessary 
to draw your sword, however.  Are you afraid of me?
I'm sorry.  The last woman I met in the woods had fox ears 
and bushy tail.  I begin to fear the place is enchanted.
Enchantment need not be a fearful thing.
Leave your sword and sit beside me.

(I cannot help but do her bidding.  Has she enchanted 
me?  I could stare into her soft eyes for hours.)
How is it you travel the woods unaccompanied?
I live nearby.  I often walk here.
I would consider it an honor if you would let me 
walk you home.  For protection, that is.
I would be honored to have your company.  
Will you help me with my cloak?

More to come...

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