Sunday, April 26, 2015

Later, in another part of the birch woods...

(This forest is endless.  At any moment I expect the 
fox to reappear and taunt me.  Hello, what's this?)
Do you need assistance, my lady?
Oh!  Hello.  No, thank you.  It's such a pleasant spot, 
I thought I would rest a while.
(Such a dense, potentially dangerous forest...and yet, 
all I encounter are solitary young women. How very odd!)
Are you not afraid, sitting here all alone?  Wild creatures  
could be observing you from the underbrush as we speak.
So far you are the only creature I have encountered, so no, 
I am not afraid.  I do wonder why you feel it necessary 
to draw your sword, however.  Are you afraid of me?
I'm sorry.  The last woman I met in the woods had fox ears 
and bushy tail.  I begin to fear the place is enchanted.
Enchantment need not be a fearful thing.
Leave your sword and sit beside me.

(I cannot help but do her bidding.  Has she enchanted 
me?  I could stare into her soft eyes for hours.)
How is it you travel the woods unaccompanied?
I live nearby.  I often walk here.
I would consider it an honor if you would let me 
walk you home.  For protection, that is.
I would be honored to have your company.  
Will you help me with my cloak?

More to come...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lost in the Birch Woods

What the...?  This is the third time I've entered this clearing.  
I'm sure of it.  I must be going round in circles.
But which way is out?
(Well, well.  This is interesting.  Shall I help him?)
Peace, traveler.
Wha...?  Who are you?
I am Sionna of the Forest.  Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.  You startled me, that's all.
(She has fox ears.  What is she?)
I am no stranger to the Birch Woods.  You are lost.  I can help you find your way.
(The fox is a trickster.  If I accept her help, will she send me deeper into the forest?)
It's up to you, of course.  If you don't want my help, I'll go.
(She's not entirely human.  And I'm not entirely sure.)
Wait!  Don't go.
Do you accept my help?
I do.
(What will it cost me, I wonder?  And so help me, she has a tail!)
Do I have your full trust, traveler?
You do.
Your path lies in that direction.
I've gone that way.  Three times.  You lie to me again and I'll run you through.
I do not lie.  Follow the path to the first fork.  Bear right, not left as you have done three times before.  Then bear left out of the next clearing and continue on your way.  If you lose the path again, follow the fox.  She will lead you free and clear of the wood.
(Follow the fox?  Truly?  But she is the fox.  I follow her to my peril.)
The choice is yours, traveler.  Follow, or not.  And good luck to you.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vermont Doll Lovers Meet-Up for April 2015

Yesterday the Vermont Doll Lovers met to celebrate Easter (a week late) and Orthodox Easter (right on time).

My little Iplehouse girls kept me busy leading up to the meeting with their demands for new Easter dresses.  The boys could have cared less but scored some new trousers anyway.  It was the least I could do.  Iplehouse trousers are so tight my little guys can't sit down in them.

Here is my crew. From left to right on the park bench: Daphne (BID Bono), Natalie (BID Naias), Maddy (BID Ringo girl) and Julie (BID Erzulie).  On the floor are Yuri (BID Byuri) and Max (BID Ringo boy).  Max wasn't too happy about wearing bunny ears.  Let's hope the sweets keep him from bawling his eyes out (or punching his twin sister the next chance he gets).
Rounding out my Iplehouse dolls is Ophelia (KID Lisa), paired with my ragdoll rabbit.
And keeping an eye on the little ones is FairyLand FeePle60 Moe-line Sionna Fomhar.  The very first thing Sionna did upon climbing out of her carrier bag was to pop another coat button.  I have half a mind to remove them all and re-set them with Super Glue.
Nerdy Victorian brought Dollzone Yan2 and Dollzone Luke (on the garden bench).  Yan has the uncomfortable feeling that the woman standing beside her is a witch.  (Don't tell her, but she's right.)
Resinsoul Mu and Volks Kira shared their bench with some rabbit eggs and a cuddly bunny. 
And Maskcat Ronia and Spiritdoll Stayne picked up where they left off at the last meet-up.  Say, he's not a vampire, is he?  He's awfully pale and keeps staring at her neck with a hungry gaze.
Lyrajean brought a large Volks contingent consisting of DWC 1, Hijakata, Masha, Chiyo, Yo-SD Kira, Tohya, and F36.  Most of them are in Japanese dress for an upcoming program at St. Michael's College in which Lyrajean is participating.

Rounding out her group is a Unoa Sist, Custom House Petite AI Sariel and Yuriel, Xagadoll Silvia and Hujoo Freya.

ModernWizard brought Araminthe, her B&G Dolls Burrysa.  Is she checking emails or downloading from her favorite vampire website?
Later ModernWizard ran home to get Jujube (Elfdoll Tiny Winky), Death (Rement Pose Skeleton), and Beth (Takara Microlady/Lego Friends hybrid) so that they could try out a dollhouse which Shannon put together.  It's filled with tiny furnishings crafted from things a Borrower might take from the human household and repurpose for his own use.
Below is another view that shows the loft a little better.  The doll is Skyler's Doll Leaves Royal.
 In addition to the dollhouse, Shannon brought three Monster High dolls:  Skelita, Operetta and Twyla.
Skyler's dolls are Soom Kremer, a tan Fairyland MiniFee Rin on a boy body, a Soom Breccia head (in the cage), a Dollzone Deer Boy 2011, FairyLand LittleFee Lewi, and a Dollzone Carter.  Poor Carter felt shy about not having a face-up and so he stayed in his carrying case.  I didn't get a photo of him.  I seem to be missing Kremer as well.  He must have joined a group I had already photographed.

Our next meet-up will be two months from now, in June.  Check out
for more photos from yesterday's meeting.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter with the Iple Kids

Easter morning didn't look too promising, what with its thin layer of new snow.  By noon the weather had improved--it was still cold, but at least the sun was shining.  A good day for photos of the little ones in their Easter finery.  Well, maybe not so good after all.  No one wanted to sit still, because sitting still invites the cold to settle in.  Besides, who wants to sit for a photographer when they could be hunting Easter eggs?
The older girls didn't mind sitting.  As chaperones they wouldn't be looking for eggs--they'd be too busy keeping an eye on the young ones.
The littlest girls thought they were ready for the Easter bunny.  Until this guy showed up!
"Don't be afraid.  Mr. Bunny is here to signal the start of the Easter egg hunt."

At that they all scattered, presumably to hunt for eggs, although I suspect some of them ran away in fright.  Let's hope they return in time for next Saturday's Easter meet-up of the Vermont Doll Lovers.


I had planned to announce my fifth anniversary of writing As The Resin World Turns this week.  Then I took another look at my earliest blog post and noticed it was in March, not April, of 2010.  How about that?  I missed my own anniversary.