Sunday, March 22, 2015

Treefriend and the Realpukis

Some people say the wall between our world and Faery is impenetrable.  They are wrong on two counts.  One, it is a veil, not a wall.  Two, there are places where the veil is as sheer as gossamer wings, with no more substance than a puff of air.  Already the more discerning among you are murmuring words such as "portal" and "access".  Ah, but that is to suggest that there is movement between our world and theirs.  If so, where is the point of entry?

If you would enter the world of Faery, seek out places where children play.  Faeries are attracted to the music of childish laughter.  Furthermore, children believe in faeries and in all things magickal.  Faeries appreciate that and so they swarm to children like bees to nectar.  Surround yourself with that kind of magick innocence and you will find a faery crossing.

How will you know if you have stepped through a faery gate?  Observe the wee creature rolling a hoop across the clearing.  It wouldn't surprise me if he had "borrowed" his plaything from the human world.
 Did the owl in that tree bole just hoot in greeting?
 Things are not always what they seem in Faery.  You may have come across a Treefriend. 

The Realpuki thinks so.  Let's hang around and see.
Yes, it is indeed a Treefriend.  Treefriends are generally benevolent, hence their name, so the Realpuki has rounded up two friends.  He has a plan involving his hoop and two lengths of rope.
The third Realpuki stands by and supervises.  The other two appear to be having enough trouble without any help from him.
Now their project becomes clear.  They have fashioned a swing--of sorts.  I wonder if they are aware of the cat in the very treetop?
Will it hold?  There is only one way to find out.
It's nice to see that the supervisor has volunteered for the dangerous task of testing the swing.
It's not the most comfortable contraption.  This project might need some rethinking.
Everybody up!
The topmost Realpuki has discovered something about the cat; namely, that it's not a cat.  It's a meowl: an owl with a cat's head.  Judging by his expression, I suspect he's debating whether or not to tell his friends.  Imagine their surprise when it flies down over their heads!
Ho ho!  Here it comes!
Not such a surprise after all.  I suspect meowls are a fairly common creature in their world.
It's time to tiptoe away before the folk of the Fae see you.  Now that you know where the gate is, it will be easy to return for another visit.  Until then, keep believing in faeries!


  1. Such a cute story! Love that three, do you mind me asking where you got it from? :)

    1. Thank you! The tree came from either Dark Knight Armoury or Medieval Collectibles. Don't remember which, as I ordered stuff from both. They both carry it under the category "Greenman". There are a couple of different models. I ordered it for a different doll but my Realpukis soon claimed it.