Sunday, March 29, 2015

Steaming Through Time - Chapter 1

Today we begin a Steampunk-themed story centered around Iplehouse JID, KID and BID dolls.  Captain Daniel is a JID Daniel.  His assistant, Lincoln Green, is a KID Lisa.  Daniel's little sister Daphne is a BID Bono.  Our intrepid heroes find themselves temporarily marooned, they know not where.  Let's watch and listen...

Daniel (muttering to himself):  There's something wrong with one of the navigational systems, for sure.  I can't get our coordinates, which makes these charts less than helpful.  I hope Lincoln returns with some answers soon.
Enter Lincoln.
Daniel:  How close are we to England?  Can you tell?  And what year is it?
Lincoln:  We're on the wrong side of the ocean, sir.  New England.  And it appears to be 2015.
Daniel:  That's overshot it considerably.  Both in distance and in time.  We must undertake some repairs, I fear.
Lincoln (takes off his coat):  Do you know what the problem is?
Daniel:  No.  That's the first order of business, of course.  There's nothing for it but to start taking things apart.
Lincoln:  It wouldn't hurt to find this place on the charts.
Daniel:  If, as you say, this is 2015, our charts will be useless.  This is the farthest we have penetrated into the future.
Lincoln:  Pardon my saying so, Captain, but the town outside didn't spring up overnight.  Many of the buildings have seen a century or two.  It will show up on some chart in one form or another.
Daniel:  Have at it, then, and welcome.  I will be glad to have some idea of the distance we need to cover to retrace our steps.  What I cannot fathom is how we could be blown so far off course.  I wonder if it's simply a navigational error or if there is some other mechanical malfunction at play.
Lincoln (with a barely suppressed chuckle):  You didn't anger the local witch at our last port of call, did you, sir?  Perhaps she sent us off with a spell.
Daniel:  You laugh, but it's a possibility not to be ignored.  I will consult the spellbook later.  For now, let's find this place quickly.  I want to get back on course as soon as we can.
Lincoln:  Aye aye, Captain!

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