Sunday, March 15, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Meet-Up of the Vermont Doll Lovers, March 14, 2015

Technically it won't be St. Pat's until Tuesday the 17th, but that didn't stop us from meeting in his honor on Saturday.  It was a bittersweet meet-up for me.  Although I had been sewing for weeks and looked forward to showing off my dolls' outfits, my tracking that morning showed my Fairyland Sionna Fomhar as out for delivery.  As there was a chance I would get home before the mail truck went by, I chanced it and went to the meet-up.

There were five of us in attendance:  ModernWizard, Lyrajean, NerdyVictorian, Megan and I.  ModernWizard brought Elfdoll Kathlen on an Asleep Eidolon mermaid body.  Kathlen wore a green shirt in honor of the holiday.  When your lower half is a fishtail, a wheelchair is a perfect vehicle for getting around. 
Elfdoll Kathlen/Asleep Eidolon mermaid tail with Xagadoll Sylvia
Asa, Bichun, Bibiane
Volks one-off Tony and Volks Chiyo
Yo-Kira, Petite AI Yuriel and Sariel, Hujoo Freya
Lyrajean's dolls included her three Iplehouse EIDs: Asa, Bichun and Bibiane; Xagadoll Sylvia looking sharp in new slim jeans; Custom House AI Petite Yuriel and Sariel; Volks YoSD Kira; Hujoo Freya; Volks Chiyo and a Volks one-off Tony.  Bibiane scored a new red wig at the meet-up, thanks to NerdyVictorian who got some items she didn't need in a goody bag.
Maskcat Ronia and Spiritdoll Stayne

Bunny love
Jointed hands
NerdyVictorian brought Clara and Muse, her Maskcat Ronia and Spiritdoll Stayne respectively.  Both NerdyVictorian and I hedged our bets and brought some Easter themed items, figuring we might not meet in April.  As luck would have it, we were wrong and the next meet-up is indeed next month.  I guess that means our rabbits make a repeat appearance.
Russell seated
Russell standing alone

Megan's Russell sported enhanced painting and a new wig since we saw him last.  Her handmade doll looks better each time we see him.  Somebody needs to get him cast in resin.  Just saying.
Back: Lisa, Chloe, Benny, Mirwen; Front: Bono, Erzulie, Pupu
BIDs Bono and Erzulie; Pupu in the basket

I rounded out the group with FairyLand Feeple60 Moe-line Mirwen, Fairyland Chic-line Chloe, Fairyland Realpuki Pupu, Iplehouse JID Benny, KID Lisa, BID Erzulie and BID Bono.  Pupu looked lost without her usual partners-in-crime Soso and Kaka; the fact of the matter is I didn't finish their outfits so they stayed home.  I'm sure they will insist on coming next month as all three Realpukis love a good Easter egg hunt.
It's not the Easter bunny: it's Pupu
Erin go bragh!

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