Monday, March 9, 2015

Sionna's Finished Outfit

See yesterday's post for commentary. 

Here are photos of Mirwen wearing the finished outfit.  She'll wear it to Saturday's doll meet-up.

A note about the sleeves.  Mirwen's hands attach by magnet, so I was able to make the sleeves as narrow as they needed to be to stay up, without worrying that her hands would get caught putting them on.  It makes snaps or other fasteners unnecessary.


  1. That is too bad that Sionna hasn't arrived to wear this gorgeous outfit to the meet up. Mirwen will do it justice and be the best dressed doll there! Just beautiful!

  2. Thank you! I'm afraid that Mirwen won't want to give up the outfit once Sionna gets here. I'll have to make Sionna another one. Luckily I ordered her with the fullset outfit, so she'll have something to wear.

  3. She looks so good!! Of course she won't give up her beautiful dress--it suits her perfectly!
    (Mirwen has gorgeous hair, too!)

    1. Thanks! There is a slim chance that Sionna might arrive in time to wear it, because SIONNA HAS SHIPPED! If she makes it in time for the meet-up, I believe I will witness an epic battle over the dress--unless maybe Sionna doesn't like it.

      The wig is "Glamour" by Jpopdolls. I wish they would reissue it in new colors, because I love it and it fits FM60 heads like a dream.