Monday, March 16, 2015

Sionna Fomhar Has Arrived!

Two posts in two days--what is the world coming to?  Really, I just couldn't wait until next Sunday to showcase her so I thought another post was in order.  Fairyland's Sionna Fomhar arrived on Saturday, while I was at the doll meet-up.  I found an Attempted Delivery notice when I got home.  Wouldn't you know?  My mail carrier usually comes between 12 noon and 2:00 p.m.  I got home just before 1:00.  Too late, obviously.

This morning I drove down to the Post Office to claim her.  I could see her box behind the counter, with what looked like a big black mark on it.  On closer inspection, the black mark was revealed to be a large gash.  A Postal employee had stamped it, "Received in bad condition."  You don't say!  I have never received a box with this big a hole in it.  Little dings now and then, but nothing like this.  It measures 10 inches on the diagonal.  Did a handler dig in for a better grip, or did someone in Customs try to satisfy his curiosity without opening the box?  Or was someone looking to grab a prize from within the box?  I'll never know.

All I can say is thank heavens for balled up Korean newspaper and foam cut-outs.

It could have been much worse, because the event gift head was wrapped in bubble wrap and set loosely among the foam and newspaper.  The only thing that saved it was being on the far side of that block of black foam.  (The tear in the foam happened when I cut through the packing tape to open the box.)  Luckily nothing was damaged and my inventory of the contents turned up nothing missing.  Whew!  It's all there.
The doll box itself was at the bottom of the carton, wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap.  The outfit, shoes, wig, necklace, fox ears and tail, were in a separate box.  I nearly threw away the broomstick; it was rolled in bubble wrap and I took it for a wad of packaging material.  The gift head is a Fairyland F60 Sleeping Elf Rin.  I didn't take a close-up of it, but you can see her just below the calendar, which was another gift.

This was my first glimpse of Sionna.  Her sleeping head, which I ordered without a face-up, is tucked between her knees.  The rest is foam, bubble wrap and a plastic head protector.

Hello Sionna!  I went for the complete set--what Fairyland calls Designer's Complete--which included these sparkling eyes.  I'm not entirely sure both eyes are the same color.  Maybe it's just an effect caused by the direction of the light.
And here she is fully dressed.  I say "fully dressed" but in order to put on the coat I had to remove the little puffed sleeves that go with her dress.  I also had to remove her hands, because there is no button or other fastening at the elbow to make the sleeve opening wider.  All those buttons on her coat are glued on, as I discovered when one of them popped off.  A little glue, a few minutes to dry, and we're back in business.

I haven't attached the tail to her costume.  Based on the promo photos, I had the impression it would stick via magnet, the way the ears do, when actually the tail has a pin at the end.  You pin the tail to her dress and it sticks out through the back slit in her coat.  I could tell just by looking at it that it would get in the way of her doll stand, so for now it's back in its box. 

I don't seem to have taken a full-length photo.  I'll remedy that later.  Here she is with her default red mohair wig.  I thought I'd have a little fun and try some other wigs on her.
This one is a Monique Gold JRock.  I rather like this one on her, especially with the fox ears (not shown in this photo).
I don't remember which wig this is.  It might be a Soom, purchased for my Quartz Ice Dragon.  I did the braids.
Here Sionna models a short LeekeWorld wig in a color they call carrot.  And a first view of Sionna's fox ears.  They attach to her head--right through the wig--via magnet.
I think this one might be my favorite.  It's a Jpopdolls Winter Angel in dark brown.
Last one for now.  This is Dollzone's Silverado, braided by me.

Sionna's head is a bit loose, making her a bobble-head.  I'm hoping to fix that with a piece of moleskin attached either to her neck or to the inside of her head.  Fairyland seems to be having head issues of late.  Either a head is so tight that you can't turn the resin key inside her head, or else it is loose and bobbles.  There is a happy medium in there somewhere.  Hopefully Fairyland will slow down and pay a little more attention to quality control.

I can't wait to photograph her side-by-side with FM60 Mirwen.

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