Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mirwen's Outfit Is Finished

Mirwen's outfit has been finished for several weeks now, but doll arrivals and a meet-up got in the way of my posting it.  I am currently sewing in anticipation of our St. Patrick's Day meet-up, so Mirwen has decided to sneak in while she can.
Skirt fabrics on the left; bodice and inspiration photo on the right.
The skirt didn't come out exactly as planned.  Although it bears some resemblance to the outfit that inspired it, in the end it evokes a feeling more like Disney's Frozen, probably because of the fabric colors and patterns.  It is much lighter in appearance than the inspiration, which leans towards the dark and gothic despite its fluttery, transparent fabrics.  (If my fabric colors look saturated in the above photo, it's because each piece is folded several times.  Single layers are sheer.)
Start of the rolled-hem stitch.  My stitches are too far apart but you get the idea.
Whatever the final effect, I do like it.  I'm hoping the fabrics will relax as time goes on.  It's winter, I have the heat on, the air is too dry...every time I try to rearrange the skirt the tiers stick together with static electricity.  Hearing that crackle makes me back away.  I don't enjoy being zapped.
After the roll. The squares on my cutting board measure 1 inch to the side.

What I did enjoy was rolling the hems.  This was a new technique for me, one I probably should have perfected before doing the actual skirts.  My fold was too wide and my stitches too far apart, but I was so thrilled to see the hems actually roll that I went at it full steam ahead.  Someday I'll make another handkerchief skirt, if only to prove to myself that I can stitch a proper rolled hem.
Finished hems on the right; work in progress on the left.
If you are not familiar with the rolled-hem stitch, it is worked from right to left (reverse if you are left-handed).  You fold over 1/8 inch of fabric, then take a horizontal stitch about 1/4 inch to the left.  Next you pick up one or two threads below the fold, go back up and take a stitch 1/16 inch to the left of the first stitch.  Keep doing this for about an inch, then pull your thread to the left and watch as the fabric rolls in on itself and your stitches magically disappear.

Since these photos were taken I have replaced the pale blue ribbon on the bodice with one in a true blue.  It goes better with the bodice colors, as well as the skirt.  I toyed with the idea of adding wings to the outfit, as in the inspiration photo.  I bought some fabric that would work well, but I have already moved on to other outfits and lack the drive to go back and do it.  Maybe eventually.

Even though she does not evoke St. Patrick's Day, I may take Mirwen to the next meet-up.  The folks at the library where we meet will not thank me, as they will be sweeping up bits of teal glitter long after our group has left the building.  Heaven knows I'm still finding glitter all over my house.

Glamour wig from Jpopdolls.


  1. Oh, I need to try that rolled hem stitch! I was doing it wrong before and I would get weird ripples--thank you!

    1. Don't thank me: thank the Illustrated Guide to Sewing: Garment Construction. It's a great little book!

  2. try spraying it with a mix of water and fabric softner.. also on the under layers once sprayed use a rubberband to keep then close to the body,,, will help.. if you are afraid of the softner try first with water.. it is very cute.

    1. Thanks for the tip! What proportion of softener to water do you recommend? I wouldn't want to saturate my fabric.