Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Meet-Up: Love Is in the Air (Part Two)

There must have been something in the air at last week's meet-up because four dolls took the first steps towards becoming couples.  Let's start with Nerdy Victorian's Clara (MaskCat Ronia) and Muse (Spritdoll Stayne).

Things didn't look too promising at first.  Clara and Muse started out on opposite sides of the table.  Here's Clara.  Check out the body language.  She is nervously reaching to push back the lock of hair falling over her eye.
Across from her, Stayne is looking in another direction, seemingly more interested in something across the room.  But check out his body language, too.  He is fiddling with the flower decoration on his neck ribbon.  (He would prefer that I call it a cravat but I beg to differ: the ribbon is too narrow.)

Perhaps we should take a look at the tabletop between them.  It is laid out with Valentine's goodies, and Clara has taken the first step by proffering a biscuit in the hope that Muse will look her way. 
Things are not looking good at all, especially in comparison with the other couples in the photo.  Muse's body language clearly says that he and Clara are not together.  In fact, he looks pained to be there.  Ask him and he will say that they did not come together and they are definitely not going home together.  On the bright side, however, he has at least taken off his hat.
The next time I looked, things had changed.  Ignoring the fact that Muse has put his hat back on, note that their hands are touching.  The air around them must be crackling with electricity, because both look shocked and surprised.
But what's this?  Left to their own devices, Clara has found her way onto Muse's lap.  She may look sweet and shy but this girl moves fast!  Not so fast, however, that she doesn't know to keep her hands near his, so that she can stop him if he gets fresh. 
Meanwhile, Crispin (DollZone Luke) has seized the opportunity to claim Clara's chair and scoop up all the goodies he can reach.  The lovebirds never noticed.

Let's meet couple number two: Iplehouse JID Daniel and JID Asa.  The only thing they had in common upon arrival was their maker, their size, and the fact that they both favor Iplehouse when it comes to fashion.  Side-by-side, yes.  Together?  I think not.
After a bit, they introduced themselves.  Awkward, meet Shy.  Shy, meet Awkward.  What can we expect?  They're at that age.
The real icebreaker turned out to be a park bench.  At first Asa's body language is a bit tight: her ankles are crossed and her hands are held demurely in her lap.  Daniel is giving out mixed signals. On the one hand he has stretched an arm across the seat back, while on the other he leans away from Asa. 
There appears to be a mutual attraction, because after a while both are leaning in towards each other.
Whoa there!  Things have taken a turn.  Has Daniel pulled Asa towards him, or has Asa relaxed and leaned into him?  Either way, I'd say they have become quite comfortable together.
Awww... And on that note, I think we'll leave these two alone to enjoy each other's company.

I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!

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