Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Meet-Up: Love Is in the Air (Part One)

The Vermont Doll Lovers met yesterday to celebrate Valentine's Day.  There were five of us: Lyrajean, Megan, Modern Wizard, Nerdy Victorian and myself.  True, we were a week early, but in all things love, dolls and chocolate, who cares?  More pics at

Lyrajean's dolls.  Standing: Volks Sleeping School A and Volks Tohya.  Seated: Volks Chlyo and Volks Masha holding Volks Dollfie World Cup head #1.  Heads without bodies are known in the hobby as floating heads.

Also from Lyrajean:  Customhouse Ai Petite Yuriel and Sariel, Hujoo Freya in new kimono, and Alchemic Labo Unoa Sist playing guitar.

Be my Valentine?
Megan brought two of her handmade 1:6 scale creations. Above is Russell, seated in a cell phone holder/chair I brought for my smallest doll.  He's a bit tall for it, so he had to remove the seat cushion.

Megan's robot Lucy shares the sofa with Lyrajean's Xagadoll Sylvia, while Modern Wizard's Elfdoll Doona Kathlen and Elfdoll Tiny Winky stand by.

Here's winking at you!  Elfdoll Tiny Winky, aka Jujube, found a Valentine's box from which to pop out.

So did Muggins, Modern Wizard's Evethecat 3-D printed British open-eyed cat.  There's something about an open box.  Leave one standing around and before you know it there's a cat in it.

Sword-carrying Takara Cutey Honey rounds out Modern Wizard's Valentine's crew.  Poor girl is having a bad hair day.

Nerdy Victorian's dolls:  cuddling on the floor are Dollzone Yan 2 and Dollzone Luke (both holding teddy bears).  Next to them is Doll Factory Bobo.  It's hard to see unless you enlarge the photo, but Bobo is a tiny mouse with a serious addiction to doughnuts, especially pink iced ones.  In the back row are Resinsoul Mu and Volks Kira (holding another pet in a box), Maskcat Ronia and Mr. I'm-here-in-body-but-I'm-absolutely-not-in-the-spirit-of-this-tea-party (Spiritdoll Stayne).  Actually, Ronia and Stayne developed a bit of a relationship over the course of the meet-up.  I'll devote a separate post to those photos later.

Also belonging to Nerdy Victorian:  Maskcat Ceci, who seems to be hiding the fact that she does not yet have a face-up, and an adorable bunny in a box.

Here's a better look at Doll Factory Bobo.  Yum!

My crew is made up of Iplehouse SID Grace on nYID body, Iplehouse JIDs Daniel and Asa, Doll Chateau Ada (in the chair) and Iplehouse KID Lisa.

Ada (aka Moosehilda) is standing on all four legs, thanks to the non-slip grip of her sandals.  She's supposed to be a moose, but frankly, real moose just aren't that cute.  And there's Bobo again, still gnawing on that doughnut.

Being on a slightly shorter body hasn't diminished Grace's attitude at all.  If anything, she is basking in the extra curvaceousness of it.

Lisa has her Steampunk on, but fellow time traveler Daniel came in civilian garb instead, much to Lisa's disappointment.

Daniel and Asa.  These two also developed a relationship during the meet-up.  More about that later.

Although I didn't plan it that way, I brought four different resin colors to this meet-up:  Lisa and Grace are normal skin, Daniel is peach gold, Asa is real skin and Ada is white skin.

Next month's meet-up occurs just before St. Patrick's Day.  Time to round up any green outfits I might have.  Lisa will be back, but I may have to spend time at the sewing machine to come up with outfits for anyone else.  It may be time to try out the Medieval princess pattern I bought recently.  There is even some dark green velvet in my stash.  The only question is: do I have enough of it?


  1. Everybody looks great--Megan's art dolls are amazing and Grace really does rock that NYID body. I'm anxious to see your new pattern, too! Also did you sew Asa's little outfit--I think its so pretty. :)

  2. Thanks! I'm noticing I forgot to add labels this time. Oops!

    Asa's outfit is pure Iplehouse. I stocked up during the clothing sale. I hope I have time to sew that Medieval dress, because my Fairyland Chicline duo have shipped and they will have nothing to wear when they get here. I really need to stop buying dolls in unique sizes, especially when their makers neglect to stock clothing to fit them.