Sunday, February 1, 2015

Anticipating Spring

Whether the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow or not, I expect we in the North Country will see six more weeks of Winter anyway. It's not Spring here until the sap begins to run.  When the sugar makers start collecting and boiling sap, and the steam rises from the sugarhouses, then will Spring be ushered in.  No doubt that's why I indulged in some fairy garden furniture on a recent visit to Jo-Ann Fabrics and why I made colorful little dresses to replace my Realpukis' Christmas elf outfits.  Regardless of the calendar, the snow and the cold, Springtime is coming. 

Actually, I stopped at Jo-Ann's hoping to find some doll-sized Valentine's Day trinkets to take to next Saturday's meet-up.  They had Valentine's Day themed sock monkeys.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate sock monkeys?  Well, I do.  So no monkeys.  Nothing else seemed appropriately sized so I wandered the aisles looking at the other decorations on display.  St. Patrick's Day.  Easter.  Fairy gardens.
Fairy gardens?  About half an aisle was devoted to fairy garden furnishings.  I saw lots of cute stuff, some of it unfortunately too small for my Realpukis.  A gazebo and its related items looked promising, however, so I bought a few pieces.  I figured if they were a good fit I would return for more later.  They were, and I will.
The dresses came together quickly and easily.  Each consists of a bit of embroidered ribbon trim for a bodice, coupled with a lace tutu over an acetate underskirt.  I left their resin Realpuki shoes on, even though the effect is somewhat comical.  SoSo in particular reminds me of a small child playing dress-up in a tutu and cowboy boots. Though she's not wearing boots, the effect is similar. 
I was feeling ambitious enough to make underpants for all three of them, as well as wigs for the two who did not have any.  I had to fix the wig Moosehilda had borrowed.  Her slightly larger head had stretched it.  When I tried to put it back on PuPu, it was too loose.  Some elastic sewn into the wig on the inside took care of that. 
The underpants were easy:  a piece of white elastic with a built-in ruffle.  To form the crotch I stitched a small piece of white ribbon to the elastic at front and back.  After I finished everyone's panties I found the same style of elastic in my stash in black.  I should probably make a pair to match SoSo's tutu.  KaKa models hers in the photo below.

Oooh!  KaKa's dress is slipping.  I'd better sew some ribbon ties to hold it up before she suffers a wardrobe malfunction.  I think I'll take these little ones to the meet-up next weekend.  They don't take up much room (although their gazebo will) and maybe there will be some Valentine's candy they can steal.  Have I mentioned that these little imps like to take things?  Well, watch out because they do.

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