Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Week of Arrivals

Why is it that dolls ordered months apart decide to come home all at once?  Sometimes I wish they would pace themselves, so that I could have some time to get to know one doll before the next comes knocking at the door.  I'm getting comments from the mail carriers, too.  How I'd love to be a fly on the wall of the Post Office sorting room when a new box comes in!
Don't laugh.  I took his little head off and refuse to put it back on.

First off, my Chic-lines from FairyLand arrived.  Ordered in early November, they constitute uncharted territory for me: dolls that blur the boundaries between resin BJD and vinyl fashion doll.  My other FairyLand dolls tend to have large heads in relation to their bodies.  Chic-line photos show more realistically proportioned dolls with small heads.  As a former collector of vinyl fashion dolls, I had to buy one of each gender to see for myself.
Chloe's temporary (too-big) wig

Fabilis and Chloe arrived in one large, surprisingly heavy shipping carton.  I knew the dolls themselves weren't large or heavy.  It turns out their individual boxes are quite solidly built.  Black with silver writing on them, they are appropriately chic.  I don't remember which one I opened first, but Chloe definitely made the better impression.  Fabilis?  The word pinhead springs to mind.  Only my RealPukis have smaller heads, but not by much.  My immediate reaction was to shove him back in his box and start making plans to sell him. 
Comparison shot: C-line Chloe with MiniFee Lishe
Meanwhile I dressed Chloe in some pieces that didn't fit other dolls.  We tried on a variety of Ellowyne Wilde shoes, which I had read were a perfect fit for C-line girls.  One pair of mules was a reasonably good fit.  Most of the other shoes and boots will require stockings with socks to fit.  I didn't have a wig in her size (4/5), so I put her in the only 5/6 in the wig bin.  I had to stuff it slightly with paper but it will do until her real wigs arrive.  (I ordered three: a short blonde, a medium length red, and a long brown, as well as a pair of blue glass eyes.)
Comparison shot: MiniFee Karsh with headless C-line Fabilis

With Chloe set to face the world, I took Fabilis out of his box again and tried some Matt O'Neil outfits on him.  The clothes fit well enough to serve, but being slightly loose they only emphasized the smallness of his head.  Yikes!  I should have ordered one of the neck connectors that FairyLand makes to enable the C-lines to wear other heads.  I doubt I'll put a LittleFee head on him because the LittleFees look too young.  On the other hand, the MiniFee event head that came with my order might work.  I couldn't imagine putting a MiniFee head on a body this size until I stood MiniFee Karsh next to the C-line body.  The bodies are about the same size.  And, as luck would have it, the Halloween event head is on the small side for a MiniFee.  All I have to do is paint it to look like a boy.  And order the neck connector, which will probably take another three months to arrive.
The C-line Fabilis head

The very next day Iplehouse BID Bono arrived.  I ordered her at the end of January, never thinking I would have her three weeks later.  Way to go, Iplehouse!  Bono, who will go by the name of Daphne, has peach gold skin and will be JID Daniel's little sister.  I ordered her with her full-set Steampunk outfit, and together with Daniel they will be time travelers. 

Daniel and Daphne (BID Bono)
I have been planning photo stories for these two ever since I ordered Daniel.  As eager as I am to get started, I am currently waiting for back-ordered props to arrive.  Needless to say, they're not from Iplehouse or they would be here already.  I am using the down time to put together various props that need some construction.  (Note that I am talking paper and not wood-and-nails here.  Put a hammer in my hand and I am a menace to society--or at least to my own fingers.)
Time Travelers

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