Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sandals for Moosehilda

No, I haven't forgotten the skirt portion of Mirwen's outfit.  I'm unsure that my fabrics will drape well enough for what I want to do, so I thought I'd work on something else this week while I ponder my next move.

Poor little Moosehilda, aka Doll Chateau Ada, has been searching online for shoes but hasn't found any that look like they will fit her small, narrow feet.  I took pity on her and decided to make her some sandals.  These are easy to make.  The only pattern you need is the outline of the doll's foot.  I had some scraps of real leather, but having to work in such small scale made me think I would be better off using a synthetic.  Of the several synthetics I had available, I chose an upholstery grade vinyl because it was thicker than the rest while still pliable.  I figured that with two layers the sandal would feel substantial enough without requiring an additional insole.  Because Moosehilda has four feet, that meant cutting eight soles from the vinyl.  My plan was to glue a length of narrow ribbon between the two layers.  This would provide the laces with which to tie the sandals.
The little white bean shape below the scissors is the pattern piece.

It's always satisfying to complete a project in a short amount of time, and these sandals are not only easy but quick.  Getting all of the soles the same shape was a bit tricky because my pattern was so small it was hard to trace around.  I ended up doing a bit of trimming after top and bottom soles were glued together.  My biggest challenge was tying the sandals on.  Because her ankles are so delicate, it was a little like tying a bow around a toothpick.  But I persevered and Moosehilda now has sandals that she is proud and happy to show off.

I also made her a new faux fur wig to replace the white one.  It's difficult to get a good photo of her in a white wig.  Depending on the angle and the lighting, the camera sometimes reads the white wig and white resin as one continuous surface.  Afterwards I had to fix the white wig, because Moosehilda stretched it and it no longer fit its original owner, RealPuki PuPu.  I only got around to that today.  It was so dark and cloudy all day, I was unable to get any photos.  I'll update as soon as the sun shines.

Meanwhile, Moosehilda is over the moon about her new chair.  I found it at Pier One Imports.  It's designed to hold a cell phone. (Really.)  There is a small opening in the seat, which I suppose is for the cord to go through while you charge your phone.  I sewed a quick cushion to hide it.  Although the chair looks like rattan, it is actually metal.  I bought it thinking the Iplehouse BIDs and Fairyland LittleFees could use it, but found when I got it home that their torsos are all too long to fit inside, even without the cushion.  If I still had PukiFees in my collection the size would be perfect for them.  As it is, not only was Moosehilda the only one who could sit in it, but it accommodated her two pairs of legs perfectly.  Getting her inside requires a bit of finesse because of her antlers, but once inside she is queen of all she surveys.

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  1. Those little shoes are the cutest thing, and so is she :D