Sunday, January 18, 2015

Arrival of a Time Traveler (JID Daniel)

Iplehouse is on a roll.  Orders that used to take 2 to 3 months to arrive now show up in about 4 weeks.  I don't know if they took on extra staff during the holidays.  All I can say is, "Thanks and keep up the good work!"

My latest arrival is JID Daniel, ordered on the Model body in Peach Gold resin.  (There are two body types for JID boys:  Model and Muscle.  The departed Boris was on the Muscle body.  I thought I'd try the Model body this time.  It's slightly slimmer in the chest, wrist, pelvis and thigh, with slightly longer arms.)  Seeing as there was an outfit for her in the shipping carton, I let Ophelia (KID Lisa) help with the box opening.  Lots of goodies turned up because, funds permitting, I usually try to order clothing, wigs and other things I need when I order a doll.  The fun part of a box opening is the surprise of finding things I'd forgotten I ordered.

The extras are neatly bubble-wrapped, which keeps small items from getting lost.  Beside the package is a white envelope containing Iplehouse's 2015 calendar, a gift accompanying orders of JID or larger dolls.

What is all this stuff?

Clockwise starting with the calendar we have a wig for the bigger guys, followed by an outfit for you, shoes for SID Shane, earrings for SID Soo, boots and an outfit for Daniel.

All yours.  I've pulled out a LeekeWorld wig for you to wear with it.

There must be some mistake.  I look like a boy in this getup.

No mistake.  Daniel, when we get him out of the blue box, will need an assistant.  That's you.  You'll pretend to be a boy named Lincoln Green.  That's what the outfit is called, but you will take it as a code name.

Code name Lincoln Green?

That's right.

I guess you know what you're doing.

Daniel the mummy begins to rise from the box.  Time for his assistant to provide some assistance.  She hands him the package containing his clothes.  We'll give him a few minutes to get dressed before we check in with him again.

Daniel arrived wearing 12mm acrylic eyes whose irises completely filled his eye sockets.  The eyes were so dark I couldn't tell what color they were and at first thought they were black.  It goes without saying that they have to go.  Daniel's eyes are so narrow, I knew he would need 10mm eyes.  I want glass, but until I can order some he will wear 11mm Eyeco silicone eyes.  The pupil and iris on the 11mm Eyeco are actually smaller than those on 10mm glass eyes, but I am finding them a little too small.  I tried nYID Oscar's 10mm glass eyes in Daniel to make sure, and they will be perfect.  I'm a little tempted to give them to Daniel now and get new eyes for Oscar.  I don't know.  I'll see.

I bought Daniel the Steam Punk Hunter Set.  The outfit gave me the idea to make Daniel a time traveler.  Talk about a fiddly outfit!  The shirt closes by means of a very skinny string that passes through the holes in the shirt's trim.  (Same method I used on FM60 Mirwen's corsets.)  It took me close to a half hour to get him laced up, primarily because the string skips a few holes each time it crosses the shirt so I was busy counting as well as lacing. Then there was the shoulder armor, which took a few tries to go on correctly.  (A diagram would be lovely.)  There is a chain that goes from one arm warmer to the shoulder armor, and a strap attached to the other arm warmer that winds up and around the other arm.  I wasn't sure about the latter, but I went onto Iple's site and it appears I got the placement right.  There was also a string tied to one of the belt loops on the vest.  I couldn't figure out where it goes, so when another check of Iple's site did not show the string I guessed that it's an extra in case I break the one that laces the shirt.  Works for me.

Here is my time traveler, all dressed and exploring an ancient Cistercian abbey.  His trusty assistant, as one would expect, is close at hand, her clothing somewhat awry from the speed of their journey.

Lincoln Green, aka Ophelia, aka KID Lisa is not sure how this time travel business is going to work.  For now she is content to let Daniel think she is a boy while she follows along seeing the sights.

Update on Mirwen's outfits:  I am still working on two skirts to go with Mirwen's corsets.  One was coming along quite well until I began running into problems, both with the fabric and with my sewing machine.  The underskirt to the second corset is finished; I am having to remake the overskirt.  There is good news, however; I have figured out how to construct the skirt that goes with the first corset so that it resembles the Victoria Frances outfit on the original Fairyland Feeple60 Mirwen.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if the problems I am having with one skirt are caused by my eagerness to start work on the other.

Other news:  I have listed 3 of my large Iplehouse dolls on the Den of Angels marketplace.  I took one look at the lineup and realized I have too many large dolls taking up too much of my limited shelf space.  It's time to prune the collection. Vincent and Chris, being the most recent large arrivals, are the easiest to let go.  I haven't yet formed an attachment to them.  The third doll is a re-combination of nYID Olivia and SID Grace.  Of the two sculpts, I prefer Grace because there is more character in her face; however, I prefer the nYID body's size.  So I'm keeping Grace on what was nYID Olivia's body and selling Olivia's head on Grace's body.  No takers yet, but it is so soon after Christmas that I'm sure most potential buyers are temporarily tapped out.

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  1. Your Daniel looks awesome in that outfit! :)

    And wow, 4 weeks! I remember being impressed when my Boris only took 7 weeks a couple of years ago - they've really picked up their turn around time!