Sunday, December 14, 2014

Too Much Snow for Sledding

Max and Yuri were looking forward to the first measurable snowfall of the season.  They couldn't wait to go sledding!  Though snow had fallen a few times this autumn, either there wasn't enough of it, or it didn't stay on the ground long enough for them to get the sled out.  Finally, this week the snow began to fall in earnest.

It fell...

And it fell...

And it fell.

Before anyone could say "Jack Frost", there was a lot of snow on the ground.  The boys got the sled out of storage.  Put on hats, goggles, boots and muffler, opened the door and looked out.


"It's awfully quiet.  I don't hear anyone.  And there are no cars."

"It looks deep.  How will we get up the hill?"

"Follow someone else's footprints, I guess."

But there weren't any footprints to follow, and anyway, Mother put her foot down and said, "No.  Absolutely no sledding.  There's too much snow."

Too much snow!  How could there possibly be too much snow?

"I wanna go sledding!"

"Maybe we can go tomorrow."


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. (That being said, it was in the 60's here today without a cloud in the sky.)

    1. 60 with no clouds would be lovely! I've seen less than 1/2 hour of sunshine in the last 5 days. The thing outside the window that looks like an abominable snowman is actually a dwarf spruce.

  2. the snow look so pretty! sometimes i do miss it but right now i just like looking at your's. let the boys play in the snow it's fun.

    1. It is very pretty. I'm just hoping my flowering bushes/trees will survive. Right now I have a rhododendron, a lilac and a hydrangea that are all kissing the ground. I plan to build a little sledding hill on the back deck that the boys can sled down. I'll have to tamp it down so they don't disappear into the deep snow.

  3. Those boys are so cute! Your lilac and hydrangeas should be fine--mine have taken 4 foot snows and neg 10 temps and been fine. Rhodies are a little fussier. We have no snow right now and I admit I kind of like it :D

    1. We got a thaw before I could build them a sledding hill. The rhodo and the hydrangea are fine, but one of the lilacs is down for the count. And now it's snowing again.