Sunday, December 21, 2014

How Many MiniFees Fit on an American Girl Daybed?

I bought an American Girl daybed for my Mini BJDs.  How could I not?  It was on sale for half price.  Still, it seems I never learn.  AG dolls are considerably larger than Mini BJDs, with the result that AG furniture is out of scale.  The first AG item I bought--Caroline's Parlor--was perfect for both Minis and Tinies, seeing as it consists of three wall units.  If anything, it is too small for the AG dolls for which it was intended.  With that encouragement I bought Rebecca's sofa.  It's a little too big but it passes, so long as you overlook (or disguise) the fact that the dolls' feet don't touch the floor when they're seated.  The hinged desk and chair I bought next almost works with my Model Delf boy if you ignore the item's bulk.  On the other hand, I can't picture an AG doll using the desk either.  It's hard to sit close to a desk when your knees don't bend.  The daybed is designed to accommodate two American Girl dolls.  I decided to test it with FairyLand MiniFees.

Here is the bed pictured alone.  The bottom drawer pulls out, revealing a trundle bed, hence space for a second doll.  I suspect you can fit more than two AG girls on it if they are seated, but the company's advertising never shows more than one in that position.

This photo reminds me of the old Castro convertible ads, where a little girl easily opens a sofabed without help from an adult.  Actually, the trundle on this bed is not easy to pull out unless it is placed on a smooth surface.  Carpet pile raises it enough that it cannot clear the bed, particularly with the mattress in place.

Lishe has climbed aboard.  She is soon joined by Siean.  We'll give them a few moments to get comfortable, and then we'll introduce a few more Fees.

Here are Siean, Mirwen, Shushu and Lishe.  I could squeeze them together and fit one more girl in that row, but I'll let them enjoy the roomy comfort and start on the trundle.

The girls have been joined by Chloe and Juri '08.  (I'm not using the names I gave them because I can remember only half of them.  The names you see are sculpt names.)  The trundle has been pulled open only partway.  This allows dolls in the front row to lean back while still having their feet on the floor--except for Chloe, who decided cross-legged was the way to go.

Karsh has joined the girls, sprawling as boys like to do, and there is still room.  What to do?  I've run out of MiniFees.  Guess it's time to invite the LittleFees to join in the fun.

The big kids have made room for Little Lishe, Shiwoo and Ante.  There is still space in the back row.  Too bad I didn't think of it at the time, as I could have added the three RealPukis.  They're so tiny they don't take up much room.

Originally my plan for this piece was to use it instead of individual doll stands.  I gave up on that idea when I saw how big and heavy the daybed was.  It took up most of the top of my bureau and weighed a lot more than the doll stands it would have replaced.  I looked around the room for a place to store it.  Seeing none, I put it back in its box and placed it at the bottom of a pile of plastic totes, but not before trying it with a different size doll.

FeePle60 Moe line Mirwen is taller than an American Girl, but seems to be in better proportion to the daybed than the MiniFees.  She'll need a pile of pillows behind her in order to sit with her feet on the floor, but that's something I can manage.  And in a few short months she'll have a same-size companion with whom to share the space:  I placed the order for Sionna Fomhar on Friday.


  1. Love the group shots! :)

    I have a few pieces of AG furniture that I think work best with SD+ sizes. It seems like the height should be off since they're so much shorter, but the chair backs and seats I think it's because the American Girl dolls can't bend their knees so the pieces aren't proportional to their actual height.

  2. Mirwen looks like the perfect size for that! It's a good looking bed even if it is a space hog. :D

  3. Hi,
    I just saw your blog and it is funny, helpful and entertaining. I mostly collect 50s fashion dolls but I do have a small collection of modern dolls such as Teen Trends and BFC INk. My question concerns shoes: Would Journey Girls' shoes fit the BFC ink dolls? Looking at your pictures i could not be sure. The clothes are not a perfect fit but perhaps the shoes are? Let me know if you can find out. Thanks.
    ALOKA UST-5546

    1. Sorry, I am not familiar with Teen Trends, BFC Ink, or Journey Girls. If they are comparable to American Girls, their sizes and proportions are completely different from those of the Asian ball jointed dolls you see here. The MiniFees are close in size to Ellowyne Wilde, the LittleFees are about 10 inches tall and the FM60 (last photo) is around 21 inches tall with an adult figure.