Sunday, November 23, 2014

November Meeting of the Vermont Doll Lovers Club

The Vermont Doll Lovers celebrated Christmas a month early yesterday.  Like Halloween, this is a  holiday that brings out the props as well as the dolls.  There were lots of both on hand.   

My FairyLand FeePle60 Moe-line Mirwen couldn't believe her eyes when she looked up--and up and up and up--at Nerdy Victorian's Spiritdoll Stayne.  At 70 cm, he stands taller than any doll Mirwen has met so far.  Also in the photo:  Nerdy Victorian's DollZone Luke and Yan, at the table; and Volks SD10 Kira (holding DollFactory Bobo) with Resinsoul Mu, wearing antlers.  I didn't get a close-up of little Bobo, but you can see him on Modern Wizard's blog.  (See link below.)

Perhaps Mirwen will find these three boys more to her liking:  my Iplehouse nYID Addiction Chris, on the left, with Lyrajean's Volks Date Masamune and Hijakata Toshizo.  Chris is wearing a borrowed wig.  The Postal Carrier delivered Chris just before noon yesterday.  I took the time to dress him, but waited until reaching the meet-up to put on his wig.  Long story short:  it doesn't fit.  It's the first Iplehouse wig I've bought that did not run true to size.  This one is so tight that I suspect it's a mislabeled 7/8 instead of an 8/9.  So, no close-ups of Chris until I find him a wig and change his eyes.  Love the color but they are too big for his face.

Among the ladies in attendance:  Modern Wizard's Yamarrah, on the left.  Yamarrah is a hybrid consisting of an Iplehouse Addiction Doria fantasy head on a Domuya Perennial Flexi body, with Mirodoll torso and Soom Topaz fairy hands.  She joins two Iplehouse EID ladies, Asa (standing) and Bibiane (seated), who belong to Lyrajean.

My three FairyLand LittleFees woke up from their naps long enough to come and wait for Santa.  They are Little Shiwoo on the sled, Little Ante Elf in the chair pretending to read (because she doesn't know how to read yet) and Little Lishe sitting on the floor.

The LittleFees enjoyed some sledding in front of the Winter background from American Girl.  Br-r-r-r!  They must be chilly without coats and hats on.

And because I seem to collect things in threes, here are my three little troublemakers, FairyLand RealPukis SoSo, KaKa and PuPu.  I seem to recall they were caught stealing gifts at last year's Christmas meet-up, too.  They're incorrigible.

Lyrajean's Volks Chiyo reads a Christmas story to Volks Yo-SD Kira.

Nerdy Victorian's DollZone Luke and Yan offer treats to my Alchemic Labo U-noa Lusis.

Doesn't that tablescape look yummy!  Can you tell which treat is real?*

Custom House Petite Ai Uriel spies a cat--Hujoo Freya--atop the Christmas tree, while Custom House Petite Ai Sariel sits nearby with her gingerbread house.  The three belong to Lyrajean.  Perhaps the cat has been treed by the three ferocious RealPukis at the bottom?

Boys behaving badly:  Nerdy Victorian's Spiritdoll Stayne and Lyrajean's Iplehouse EID Bichun express their feelings for the festivities.  Stayne's sign reads "Dashing Through the No"; Bichun's sign reads "Bah Humbug".

Xagadoll Sylvia trims the tree in her babydoll pajamas.  She belongs to Lyrajean.

Did you notice that we have two Volks Kiras in the group?  One is an SD10 while the other is a YoSD.  Same sculpt, different sizes.

I think Mirwen has a secret admirer.  Someone has given her a gift.  Which of the boys could it be?

Spiritdoll Stayne behaving badly again, this time with the ladies.

You can see Modern Wizard's photos of the meet-up at  There is little duplication between us, as most of her photos are close-ups whereas I took more group shots. The Vermont Doll Lovers meets again in January.

*Answer: the candy canes.


  1. A fun early Christmas party, great pictures and dolls :-). I didn't know which candy was real!

  2. How fun! And yes, which one is real?

    1. Follow the asterisk to the bottom of the post for the answer!