Sunday, November 30, 2014

Introducing nYID Chris and Doll Chateau Ada

If you read last week's post, you know that Chris was delivered too late to get a formal box opening. With the doll meet-up scheduled to begin in mere minutes, I cut him out of the box as fast as I could, dressed him, and sped down the Interstate, thinking I would take lots of lovely photos once I got there.  Only when I took Chris out of his carrier bag did I discover that the one and only wig I had brought for him didn't fit.  We borrowed a curly, feminine wig and he spent the next two hours cowering in the background, afraid someone might photograph him looking unmanly.  Seeing as he is still feeling grumpy about his undignified debut, I decided to let him share in Ada's box opening.

That's a small box.  What size is this resin person?

Not sure, as I've never seen one in real life.  Smaller than the box, obviously.

Well, are you going to open it?  I'd offer to help, but I can't bend over.  My jeans are too tight. 

Sorry.  [I cut the box open and took out some wadded paper and an envelope.]  Here.  Hold this.
THIS is what's in there?

I sure hope so.  Could you manage to look a little less horrified?

What are these...things...on either side of its head?

They're supposed to be antlers.  Like a moose.  Here.  Hold this.
What the...?

It's her extra belly.

Do I even want to know?

It's so I can convert her from four-legged to two-legged.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Please don't.  Ooh, pretty blue bag. There are two bubble-wrapped pieces inside.  Let's start with this one.  It appears to be the body.

It appears to be something I might smash with my boot.

She wouldn't like that.  And neither would I.  This other piece must be the head.  How do I attach it?  [I had to remove the eyes in order to be able to turn the S-hook inside her head.  Then re-insert the eyes behind the hook.]  Isn't she a cute little thing!

No comment.

You'll hurt her feelings.  Shake hands and be nice.

How do you do?  I'm Chris.  (I feel like I'm talking to a large mouse.)

I'm Moosilda.  You can call me Hilda.

There.  That wasn't so bad, was it?

I guess not.

So, are there any other giants like you in the house?

Um...yeah.  Most of us.  I can think of only three that are smaller than you.

Smaller than me?  That will be fun!


Could be Hilda will give the RealPukis a run for their money.  That WOULD be something to see.

Doll Chateau Ada (aka Moosilda, aka Hilda) arrived on Friday, November 28th.  On Saturday we had sunshine for the first time in days, so I took advantage of it to do her face-up.  No body blushing, however, as I wasn't about to risk unstringing her in order to do it.  Her limbs are so spindly, I'd never get her put back together!  After giving much thought to how I might clothe her, I sewed a prototype outfit on Sunday.  Of course, by the time I finished it was too dark to take good photos, but I took a few by flash.  Here is the best of the bunch:

I realized that in order to clothe her, I had to treat the front and back ends separately.  In front she wears a sleeveless top with attached half skirt.  The back end wears a matching "skirt" treated as if it were more of a horse blanket.  I made the wig for a RealPuki.  Turns out Hilda's head is the same size (i.e., just slightly over 3 inches in circumference).  I'd like to make her a feather wig like the one she wears on Doll Chateau's postcard.  I also want to make her some shoes so she won't slide on the furniture.  Her feet are so tiny!  I think a sandal sole should work with some ribbons to tie it on--times four.
I waited a long time for this tiny doll.  Ordered on May 1st, she took just under seven months to arrive.  Chris, by comparison, was ordered on September 14th and arrived a week ahead of Ada.  This hobby is not for the impatient.

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