Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vermont Doll Lovers Halloween Meet-Up 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Halloween meet-up of the Vermont Doll Lovers, formerly known as the Chittenden County Doll Club. The new name reflects the fact that not all of us live in Chittenden County. Not everyone lives in Vermont, either, but one has to draw the line somewhere when naming names.  So Vermont it is.

We were a small group yesterday, as many people had other places to go and things to do.  "Hey, folks, you missed a good one!" Halloween means costumes and props, which we had in spades.  Modern Wizard brought her graveyard scene again, although with a darker backdrop this year.  It looked spooky; unfortunately the darkness forced everyone's cameras to let in more light, with the result that the dolls looked washed out.  Surprisingly, I managed to get a small number of halfway decent photos with it, but I deleted more than I kept.  With one exception the RealPukis looked like white blobs in front of it.
Run, KaKa!  He's gaining on you.
"To be or not to be.  What was the question?"
In addition to the graveyard, ModernWizard brought Rement Pose Skeletons (with their props) and her Takara Microlady, as well as Trinket Box Cookie, a doll she won in a raffle at the recent Dollism in Buffalo, NY.

New member NerdyVictorian brought two dolls:  Muse (a Spiritdoll Stayne) and little Crispin (a Dollzone Luke).
"I look so much better without the mouse suit, don't you agree?"
"I like him either way."

Lyrajean's group included her U-noa Sist in a new outfit from Dollism, two Custom House Petite Ai (Uriel and Sariel), Volks YoSD Kira, Volks Chiyo, her Hujoo Freya cat, and a new Xagadoll Sylvia.  Cat masks were two of the fun new props she brought back from Dollism.  (Good thing I didn't attend Dollism, or I would have done some serious damage to my credit card and checkbook!)
The lovely Chiyo

Iplehouse SID Vincent led my crew. He was mightily put out to find no Iplehouse girls there after I had promised he would meet Lyrajean's EID ladies, Bibiane and Asa.  Alas, they didn't come to the meeting.  Instead he found himself in charge of all five of my trick-or-treating Iplehouse BIDs:  Byuri, Erzulie, Naias, and the Ringo twins Maddie and Max.  Rounding out the group were my three RealPukis:  SoSo, KaKa and PuPu.  I don't know which they love more:  holidays or making mischief.  (I made Vincent's sweater set, the bee and pumpkin costumes, as well as the RealPuki costumes.  It's been a busy few weeks.)
"Shall I hang with the rugrats, or chat up the floozie on the floor?"
Bunny Naias and Pumpkin Erzulie
"Bzzz-zzz!"  Max and Maddie, the angry bees.
SoSo, the littlest devil
KaKa flower, SoSo devil, and PuPu candy corn
Near the end of the meet-up, a number of trick-or-treaters ganged up on Muse, who couldn't imagine how it would all end.

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!"


  1. What a great collection of props to have at a meet-up! Looks like a fun time. :)