Sunday, October 5, 2014

SID Vincent Box Opening

I haven't done a box opening on Den of Angels in ages.  What usually stops me from posting there is the sheer hassle of uploading photos to Photobucket before I can proceed.  Here, thank goodness, I can upload directly from my computer.  So much easier.

I ordered Vincent on July 24th.  Iplehouse has been catching up with their workload now that the English manager is back from maternity leave, so the wait times are pretty much back to normal.  In fact, Vincent shipped two months to the day after I placed my order.  I wasn't expecting him so soon, which is why I placed a clothing order earlier that same day, thinking it would ship before the doll did.  As it is, the clothing shipped one day after the doll, but because the two packages flew via different airlines, they arrived at New York's JFK on the same day.  For the record, the clothes flew Korean Air, while Vincent flew the slower Asiana.  They arrived at Resin Corner together.

It has been a while since I ordered an SID male.  I think Shane was the last, and that was when he debuted as a limited in Iple's Western series in late 2011.  I was surprised to see that the image on the box has changed.  Not only that, I can't figure out which doll it is.

Revealing the face is always a source of trepidation.  Will I be happy with the faceup?  Or will I wish I had chosen the alternative?  The trepidation increased this time because Vincent is the first Real Skin doll I have ordered since Iplehouse changed their formula.  Would I like the color?  Would I wish I had ordered Normal skin instead?  The minute I saw the plastic face cover, all I could think was, Hurry up and take that thing off so I can see him!

The verdict?  I'm happy with his faceup, although I would have preferred a little less brown between his lips.  The Real Skin is very nice.  I stood him next to Barahan and see very little difference in their color, which is a good thing.  I was afraid he would look flat and lifeless; such is not the case.  Iple sent him with dark eyes.  Because his eyes are small and squinty, I couldn't tell what color they are until I took a photo and the flash went off.  The extra light revealed them to be a dark green.  I'm not sure what his final look will be; I'm still playing with wig styles and eye colors.  I still can't find a doll for the silver gray glass eyes I bought from Iplehouse earlier this year.  Three dolls have tried them on and rejected them.  They're too pale.  I had hoped they would look a little grayer in real life, but they look almost like clear glass.  I bought medium blue eyes this time around.  I thought of trying them in Vincent, but I'm really holding them in reserve for Chris.  Maybe I'll try some light green Eyeco eyes next.  For now he is wearing some purple Gumdrops.

My clothing order included vintage pants and a plaid shirt for Vincent, as well as dresses for nYID and SID girls.  Vincent needs shoes.  Right now I have him in boots because I happened to have an extra pair, but I would prefer either a low boot or a sporty shoe.  Iple has a pair I like, but the price stopped me from buying them.

I spent this weekend making him a sweater set.  It should have been simple:  few pattern pieces, nothing complicated in the execution.  I had made the long-sleeve tee shirt before with no problems whatsoever.  It fit beautifully with little or no alterations.  This time, because the fabric didn't have the same kind of stretch, I ended up enlarging the body too much and the sleeves too little.  I then wasted precious time trying different ways of enlarging the wrist opening enough to get his hands through.  In retrospect, I should have cut new sleeves, but that would have meant picking apart the armhole seams, and I had finished them too well to attempt it.  The vest turned into a comedy of errors.  I can't tell you how many times I picked apart those seams, not because I don't want to tell you but because I didn't keep count.

Vincent will accompany me to the doll meetup next Saturday.  Although it's the Halloween meetup he won't be in costume.  After this weekend's almost-fiasco, I think I want to take some time off from sewing.  Unless he puts on Shane's sheriff costume and goes as a representative of the Wild West.  We shall see.

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  1. Love the way they painted the eyebrows on him - very dramatic!