Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pas de Deux for Iplehouse nYID

Some of the new clothing I bought recently for my Iplehouse dolls inspired me to imagine them in a ballet.  I chose La Sylphide, a dance in which a Scotsman, James Ruben, who is engaged to marry Effie, falls in love instead with a forest spirit known as a Sylph.  Playing the part of James is nYID Oscar.  His costume is IH's Traveler set.  Playing the Sylph is nYID Audrey.  She is wearing IH's Misty Pink set.  Wigs and shoes are also from Iplehouse.
I know this is not a ballet pose.  It's a "hurry up and take the picture before they fall out of balance" pose.  Her shoe was also about to fall off.  If I ever redo these photos, I will wrap white ribbon around the shoes and tie them on, as Iplehouse did in their publicity photos.  Why show this photo at all?  Because I wanted you to see both costumes in their entirety.  Besides, I love his boots.  They are as soft as glove leather and stay up by virtue of a belt underneath the folded cuff.  Ingenious.

As I indicated above, photographing the dolls in ballet poses proved somewhat problematic in terms of balance and just plain standing up.  No one likes to show the mechanics of a pose.  A shot where the doll stand is in full view tends to shatter the mystique as well as the beauty of the scene.  I mention this for those of you wondering why I showed so little of the dancers below the waist.  Yes, there is a doll stand down there.  You can see it in the first photo.  Ideally I would have put the boy on the stand and let him hold the girl in her poses, but I simply don't have a stand that can safely clasp a boy that size around the waist.  Generally they end up clasped around one thigh:  strong enough to hold the boy, but not strong enough to help him balance the girl, too.  Because he is anatomically correct, a saddle stand does not fit securely, so the girl ended up in the saddle with the boy balancing himself by holding her.

I would have liked to set the scene with some sort of drapery over my shoji screen, but it's been a typical autumn weekend with the sun playing peek-a-boo in between periods of rain.  When it finally appeared and even looked like it might stick around a while, I grabbed the dolls and start shooting.


  1. Both of those outfits are stunning!

    And even if some of those poses aren't quite ballet-correct, the photos really do capture the loveliness of the dolls.

    1. I had a series of real ballet poses planned, but these two were having none of it. At least they got somewhat into the spirit of it. LOL

  2. You really have a gift. Beautiful.