Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Day the Bees Tried to Steal the Pumpkins

When bees find something of particular interest, they typically return to the hive and tell everyone so that all can take part in the bounty.  Let's look in on one enterprising drone whose find is so special that he has raised, not the hive, but the queen bee herself.


There!  Do you see it?  A pile of pumpkins, already picked, and a barrow to carry them away.

You have done well, little drone.  What is the bigger one?  It has hair!

I don't think it's anything to worry about.

Bees!  Go away!  Shoo!  Shoo!

You can't shoo us.  We're taking the pumpkins.

I am the Pumpkin Guardian and I say you can't!

Just watch us.

I'll stop you.

You can't.

[Climbing aboard.]  Just see if I can't.

She looks heavy.

I don't care.  We'll take her, too.

I wonder if she's good to eat.

Listen up, pipsqueak.  You are not eating me nor any of these pumpkins.

Pumpkin Guardian, prepare to be eaten.

Pumpkins can gain up to 40 pounds in one day.  You'll never get these back to the hive.

I think she means it.  I can't budge this barrow.

You know I don't like to lift a finger, but in this case I'll help you.

C'mon, barrow.  Move it!

It's not moving.  We'll go back to the hive and raise the alarm.  All the bees will come.  We can devour the pumpkins on the spot.

And while they're gone, my pumpkins and I will vanish from this place.  We will never be taken alive!

Thanks everyone for watching our Halloween play!

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