Sunday, September 21, 2014

One Bee Down, Another Bee to Go

I took advantage of an extremely windy weekend to stay indoors and sew like mad.  Much as I hate to rush these costumes, I still have a few to make for the dolls who will accompany me to the Halloween edition of our doll club meet-up.  Maddy's (Ringo girl's) costume is done.  Max (Ringo boy) is up next.  You'd never know it to look at them, but both are relieved they won't need to wear the dreaded pumpkin costume.  I might draft another small doll--like Erzulie--to wear it.  She'd make a cute pumpkin.

Considering how much trouble I had last weekend with the girl bee costume, it finished up nicely.  It did give me one surprise early in the day yesterday:  the dress bodice requires a lining and I hadn't cut one out.  Ideally I would have lined it in the same bright yellow as the stripes, but the closest color I had on hand was a dull gold.  Oh, well, it's better than nothing--and quicker than a trip to the store.

Originally I planned to make a two-tiered skirt:  black lace for the top tier and yellow tulle for the bottom.  Instead, I used only black lace for the skirt and made a separate crinoline from the tulle.  The result looks the same, but the fabric is distributed so there is less thickness at the waist.  When you're as chunky in the midsection as Maddy is, every little bit helps.  I could eliminate the tulle altogether; however, she gets the extra bit of froufrou because, after all, she's the Queen bee.  Hmm, perhaps she needs a tiara, too.

After last week's mess, I remade the stockings from a different fabric.  And because I can't see what I'm doing when I sew black fabric with black thread, I sewed them with royal blue thread this time.  Very little of the thread shows in the finished product, so it worked out well.  I also drew my seam line onto the black fabric with a white Dritz pencil.  All I can say is I wish I had thought of that sooner.

I was going to make little bee wings to attach to both costumes.  Now I'm not sure.  Maddy's wig is too long and full.  The wings would get lost in all the hair.  Max still might get wings.  He needs something, because without a skirt his costume is rather plain.  I actually got his turtleneck, stockings and antennae done today.  His shorts and wings are all I have left to do.  The sun, which had come out briefly in the afternoon, disappeared for good once I took out my camera, so I didn't get photos of him.  So far he's looking good.

My RealPukis want to attend the meet-up, too, so they will need costumes. They would look so funny as the Three Musketeers.  I doubt I'll have that much time, but wouldn't it be fun if I did!


  1. Oh, that's the cutest bee ever!!! Great job <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks! I'd feel better if Maddy looked happier about it, but what can I do? She never looks happy.