Sunday, September 14, 2014

Halloween Will "Bee" Fun This Year

Browsing through a recent American Girl catalog, I came across a Halloween costume that inspired me to come up with something similar for my dolls.  The costume consisted of a yellow tee shirt with black ruffled stripes, a black and yellow tutu, and striped black and yellow tights.  Yellow wings and a hairband with antennae completed the look.  I studied it for a few minutes and decided to make bee costumes for my Iplehouse Ringo twins.

I went into this project knowing that fabric with narrow black and yellow stripes would be next to impossible to find, so I was prepared to accept a workable substitute.  After going up and down every aisle at my local Jo-Ann Fabrics, I finally found a multicolor stripe fabric in the very last aisle.  The knit was somewhat loose and the stripes were wider than I wanted, but by George, there was enough black and yellow for my purpose. I also bought a length of plain black knit (actually, it may be bathing suit lining fabric--it looks and feels the same as a lining I have in another color) to use for tights.

To fabricate the wings I will probably glue yellow tulle over florist wire and frost it with a little glitter.  The antennae will be black pipe cleaners.  I haven't decided whether to attach the antennae to a hairband or to make a cap or hood instead.  It depends on how much time I have.  (The Halloween meet-up occurs almost three weeks before Halloween.)  The girl's skirt will be black lace over yellow tulle. I also picked up a pair of bee appliques that I can attach, one to each costume.

My pattern is #53 Perfect 10 by Charie Wilson for Gracefaerie Designs.  While it is not specifically sized for BIDs, I have used it in the past and found that the pattern pieces sized for 10.5 inch Goodreau and Creedy dolls work.  That said, I sewed the thigh high socks first, thinking to get off to a running start with something easy.  Not only did I run into all kinds of fabric-related problems, but the finished product was too big.  (I should note that the sock patterns are one-size-fits-all.)  Out of curiosity I tried the socks on some other dolls, getting progressively larger as I went.  The feet didn't fit anyone until I got to U-noa Sist.  I almost tossed the socks aside for U-noa, then figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I cut off all the seams, leaving a considerably smaller sock piece.  I'll try again next weekend.  They may end up knee-high instead of thigh-high, but at least the foot will be small enough to fit.

I did manage to finish one piece of this multi-piece extravaganza:  the panties that go under the girl's dress.  It's not much to show after a whole weekend's work, but I'll admit the sock fiasco shook my confidence, coming as it did a day after I sewed leggings for JID Tania.  That was another case where I ended up cutting off part of the garment.  Seeing as the panty part of the leggings wouldn't go over Tania's gigantic hips, I cut the panty off and turned the leggings into leg warmers.  Not sure I'm going to keep those.  I may try again--as time permits.

This was not a good weekend for sewing.


  1. Hello. The picture I was talking about, was the 4th picture in your posting < Iplehouse Elemental Guardian Mari > I love this picture, and It is a great pleasure to have these wonderful pic as the cover. May I use the picture pleeeease

    1. Yes you may use it for the cover of your story. I like that picture, too, even if she has flyaway hairs.