Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saving Up for the Big Guy

I am about to break my cardinal rule of doll collecting, which is:  No Doll Bigger Than SID.

SID (Senior Iplehouse Doll) guys measure 65 cm, or 25.5 inches.  That's a lot of doll.  Especially when that doll is male, because the broad shoulders and chest, not to mention the tree-trunk arms and legs, make him that much heavier than, say, a female of that height.  It also makes him heavier than 65 cm male dolls from other companies.  The Soom Super Gem (e.g., my Quartz Ice Dragon) is 65 cm but weighs only 1.6 kg.  The SID, on the other hand, is 65 cm but weighs 2.12 kg.  That 65 cm cap is for my own good, because I simply can't restring anything bigger.  My hands and arms don't have it in them.

Enter the EID (Elder Iplehouse Doll).  There are two body types:  Model and Super Hero.  The Model type is taller at 70.5 cm, or 28.5 inches; the Super Hero, by comparison, measures 68.5 cm, or 27 inches.  (For those who need a point of reference, the inseam on a pair of misses' Perfect Fit pants from L.L. Bean is 29.5 inches.)  When it comes to weight, however, the Model is a slim 2.6 kg while the Super Hero bulks out at a whopping 3 kg.  Restringing one of these guys is going to require some heavy machinery.

So why an EID and why now?  Until now I have resisted the allure of the really big guys.  There was Dexter, a bad guy with a scowl, then Arvid, a good guy with a scowl.  Rex and Douglas did nothing for me; Victor wasn't my type; likewise Taregan and Elchanan.  I liked some of the EID basics:  Bichun, Tedros, Chase, Akando.  Other basics, such as Luo, Kamau and Evan, not so much.  The Carved Heritage theme dolls changed all that.  Leonard the pirate (and illegitimate son of a count) almost did me in.  I wavered close to the "buy" button, but in the end I resisted his raw sex appeal and held fast.  Good thing I did, because now comes Lawrence the naval officer, who pushed all my buttons and melted my resolve.  He's Horatio Hornblower come to life.  The decorations on his uniform may be a little off (someone said they combine captain with vice admiral) but the total effect is jaw dropping.  Gotta have me a gorgeous Royal Navy man.
This is not an actor. This is a DOLL.

And of course he comes along at a time when I have very little funds left in my PayPal balance.  What's a girl to do?  Ebay.  Thanks to ebay I have kept to my resolve to spend no new money on dolls.  Instead, I have been divesting myself of my vinyl doll collection, along with those resin dolls I no longer cherish.  The vinyl collection is down to fewer than a dozen dolls.  We are entering dangerous territory.  I cast about for other things to sell:  collectors' plates, doll catalogs, unused cloth doll patterns, etc.  The dollars are trickling in.  Will they be enough?  Lawrence is not only wicked big, he is also wicked expensive.  It's more money than I have ever spent on a doll.  Luckily I have until September 21st to come up with the funds.  And if I just miss the amount?  Well, that's what the credit card is for.  I can list some more auction items after I order him and hope to have the rest of the money by the time the card invoice arrives.

Oooh, I am so bad.

Updated March 24, 2015 to say that I didn't buy him after all.  Too big.  Too expensive.  End of story. 


  1. Hi! He IS gorgeous & beautiful isn't he :-). I often go to the website just to look at all these beautiful faces! Great that you are going to have Horatio in your collection. My absolute "must have" EID male is Dexter - that frown, that chin!!!

    1. I'm not sure I'll name him Horatio. A lot will depend on how he looks in normal skin with lighter hair. I'm debating paying extra for custom makeup so I can get him with lighter eyebrows.

      I've always liked Dexter, but not enough to buy. I'm still trying to pinpoint what actor he reminds of.

  2. He's a stunning doll - I can totally understand how he'd be the exception to your size rule!

    I'm hoping they'll sell that outfit (it made me think of Horatio Hornblower as well) on its own, because I'd love to have it for my Chase and Arvid.

    1. I would love to have different uniforms for the other sizes, like a captain's uniform for SID, a lieutenant's uniform for nYID and a cabin boy's outfit for JID. Then I could have a whole shipload of uniformed guys. Sigh!