Sunday, August 10, 2014

My First Outfit for MiniFee Moe Line

Until now, my MiniFee M-line Sarang has been wearing the blue crochet and embroidered net dress I bought on the DoA marketplace.  While it looks lovely on her, I figured it was high time I made her something all her own.

Lately I have been trying various clothing items on her to see what fits, to gauge which patterns might work.  I had read that some YoSD items fit, but none of my things for BID or LittleFee would work.  The only thing that sort of fit was the bottom part of a romper I sewed for my Kaye Wiggs tinies.  Millie and Lillie have gone on to other homes, so it would have been fun if I could re-purpose some of their clothing.  Despite the M-line's larger bust, the blouse from the Steampunk for MiniFee* pattern fit well, so I decided to make her one like it, paired with balloon shorts derived from the rompers pattern.

The fabric I selected has a suitably small print.  I had hoped to trim it with pink lace, but the only pink I had was much too wide and the motif didn't lend itself easily to cutting down.  White was too glaring, so I went with off-white.  (Now that I think of it, I also had small black lace, which would have been stunning against the pink when paired with black fabric for the bottoms.  Next time, maybe.)  Earlier this summer I bought several assortments of micro mini buttons at a quilt show.  In one set I found small pink heart buttons--perfect for the blouse.

Blouses and dress bodices take me a long time to sew.  They always seem to entail lots of fiddly bits, like darts and collars and set-in sleeves, not to mention trims.  Once I get past the blouse or bodice, the rest of the outfit is a piece of cake, comparatively speaking.  After working on the blouse all Saturday afternoon, my eyes were so bleary that I had to leave it until Sunday to finish.  Today I put the finishing touches on it--set the sleeves, sewed the side seams, finished a few raw edges (with zig-zag stitch and pinking shears, because I still don't own a serger) and sewed snaps and buttons.  I looked at the clock and decided I wouldn't have time to tackle the rompers pattern, so I opted to make a simple skirt instead.

I probably should have stuck to my original plans and made the rompers.  The skirt is not a fabulous fit.  The waistband gaps.  It might have fit better with a curved waistband instead of one made from a straight piece of fabric.  It will do for now, but next weekend I think I may attempt the rompers after all.  Hmm, I wonder how much trouble it would be to change out the ecru lace for black?

After sleeping on it, I awoke with a simple solution to the gappy waistband.  All I need to do is open the sides of the waistband and pass a length of elastic through it.  Pull it snug, tack it to the waistband and close it up again.  What's funny is I wasn't even thinking about the problem when I went to bed.  It just sorted itself out in my sleeping brain.

* Adams-Harris Patterns

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