Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dolls on Strike!

It was Ophelia who brought the sorry business to my attention.

You'd better come.  The JIDs have kicked the LittleFees 
off the bed.  Something's going down.

With a sigh, I went to have a look.  This is what I found:

We're taking over.  You've ignored us long enough.

How have I ignored you?

The other dolls get the good stories.  They get 
the good clothing.  We don't even get new wigs.

Not only that, they get new friends, while 
our numbers are dwindling.

There is some truth in what they say.  I've been collecting more big dolls (SIDs and nYIDs) and more FairyLand dolls, clothing and wigging them, and featuring them in stories.  And I did sell two JIDs.
These are our demands:  1) We want new clothes.  
2) We want some new wigs.  3) We want a boyfriend.

Now wait a minute.  You had Boris.  He was so bored here that he left.  As I recall, none of you particularly liked him.

He wasn't our type.

Who is?
Colin.  He's so cute...
Or Daniel.  He has bedroom eyes.

I can't afford to bring either of those boys here right now.

You could if you weren't so busy making shopping 
lists of all the SID stuff you want to buy.

Guilty as charged.  On the other hand, it doesn't stop at Colin or Daniel, does it?  A JID boy would need clothing.  Remember Boris and his too-tight pants?  I've given those to Alastair.  Speaking of which, what's wrong with Alastair as a boyfriend?
He's barely tall enough.  Plus he's skinny as a string bean...

That's not so.  He has formidable muscles.

He's thinner than we are!  And he has a tiny head.

So what do you really want?  Clothes, wigs, or a boyfriend?  I can't afford all three.
A boyfriend!

We can do a boyfriend.  It won't be right away, because as it stands now, I can only afford the basic boy with a faceup.  After having Boris around and seeing what the muscle body is like, I would prefer to get the model body next time.  That's extra money.  So is the mobility joint, which I think he might need...
I think you're finding reasons to put off buying him.

Then there's the cost of his transportation, which will be exorbitant.  If you want him to come here, you'd better pray that my stuff starts seeing some action on ebay.

What are you selling?

Some collectors plates and some Ellowyne Wilde catalogs.  I also have some Tonner catalogs and newsletters to list.  We're not talking big ticket items, only a few dollars here and there.


Okay, what?
We'll be patient.  So long as you promise Colin--or 
Daniel--will get here eventually.

It's a deal.


  1. Haha, I'm glad you and the ladies came to an agreement :-D.

  2. I almost gave in to the clothes and wigs request instead. Then I realized that with three of them to satisfy, it might cost less to buy another doll!